Medical Education in the Philippines

Medical Education in the Philippines

Medical Education in the Philippines and UV Gullas College of Medicine is a topic that evaluates the possibility of pursuing Medical Education in the Philippines and the scope of doing Medical Education in UV Gullas college of Medicine.

The Medical Education in the Philippines is a new sensation globally because of it been a newly industrialized country and an emerging market in Asia. The Medical Education in the Philippines has witnessed an increasing number of international students in recent years. A country where tourism is the main attraction, the natural act of the demography is to be welcoming and endearing.

The Philippines has more to offer than an attractive coastline; those who study MBBS in Philippines will be able to explore its fascinating mix of Christian, Malay, Spanish and American influences on the Filipino culture. Predominantly an English speaking country with more than 86% of the population falling under the Christian cadre, these peace loving gentle population is a safe bet for students from any country.

Not only is the Philippines a beautiful country, it also has one of the best higher education systems in Asia, ranked 46th in the first edition of the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings. Offering the opportunity to study in English at an affordable cost, the medical education in the Philippines attracts international medical students from across the globe, with most coming from in East Asia, Europe, & the Americas.
There are almost 2,300 higher education institutions in the Philippines, the majority of which are private. Many universities are affiliated with Roman Catholicism, which reflects the country’s colonial past.

Study MBBS in Philippines has one of the best education systems in Asia. It is one of the best places for Indian International Medical students to study completely in English, at affordable prices and complete a high quality of Medical Education in Philippines.

Philippines has a 90% literacy rate. It proves that Education is of primary concern in the country.

Philippines is the largest English – Speaking country in the Southeast Asian region. English is issued as a medium of instruction in higher education. Also, Filipinos are considered one of the most competent English speakers in the world. It is known for its highest standard of education, high– caliber education institutions. The country major exports in English teachers, nurses, doctors and skilled workers abroad.

The Medical Education in the Philippines offers Doctor of Medicine or MD degree which is equivalent to MBBS in Indian System of Education
Medical education in the Philippines is principally offered and developed by accredited and government recognized medical schools in the country. The Philippines medical colleges are graduate schools offering the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree.

The Medical Education in the Philippines comprises of M.D. as a four-year professional degree program which qualifies the degree holder to take the licensure exam for medical doctors in the Philippines.

The Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree program deals with medical theories, practices, technologies, and problem solving.

The completion of the degree program with one-year postgraduate internship qualifies a candidate to take the licensure exam for medical doctors in the Philippines.

Why pursue Medical Education in the Philippines?

• A lot of parents from India believes that Philippines is one of the best education destination for their children to Study MBBS in Philippines, as it offers quality medical education that comes with lot of benefits
MBBS in Philippines is most cost effective. Tuition fee is at affordable rate and being paid on installment basis.
• Affordable living and accommodation expenses also help while pursuing the medical education in Philippines.
• Modern teaching techniques and superior quality pursued in the medical education in the Philippines combined with world class amenities, makes the learning environment very interesting.
Internationally recognized Medical colleges which are listed in World Health Organization (WHO) and supported by foreign medical graduate council, ensure that MBBS in Philippines is globally recognized.
• Medium of instruction is purely English making the medical education in the Philippines easier to ingest.
• Majority of Filipinos know the English language and so Indian students feel comfortable. This also ensure that the demand to learn the local language is nil making it easier to practice on patients while diagnosing and arriving at a conclusion.
MBBS in Philippines follows the US education system thus students will have the credit transfer options to continue their medical education in America.
• 1 out of every 10 doctors practicing in America are medical graduates who have completed their medical education in Philippines.
• The Medical Education in the Philippines exports maximum number of medical graduates across the world.
MBBS in Philippines comes with a great cultural diversity in the college campus since the campuses attract students from across the globe.
MBBS in Philippines prepares you for the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination). Almost 100% of the students graduate in Philippines pass the Board Examination in their home country.

The Philippines is the leading MD/MBBS education destination for students around the world. Philippines has developed the Medical education system similar to the USA. If one wishes to do their medical education in Philippines, they need to enroll for MBBS in Philippines, into the MBBS Admission for 2021-22.

The education system is just so fantastic that Philippines has sent thousands of Doctors to work in the USA, UK, Middle east etc along with other professionals.

Philippines offers high quality education with a safe environment to the international students. The MBBS in Philippines fees is also very low when compared to many countries. The other highlight is that the medical education in the Philippines is accepted globally. This helps the students to get a job in any part of the world.

The academic calendar starts in June and ends in March. There are two semesters in each academic year, one from June to October and the other from November to March. The language of instruction is English makes it a favorable place for many international students. The infrastructure of the medical colleges is much superior in terms of staff, equipment and technology.

The medical students are given hands on training and practical clinical rounds helps in their overall growth as doctors. The aspiring medical students from India are eligible to take MCI screening exam after they complete their medical degree from a medical college in Philippines.

Below is the criterion to study MBBS in Philippines – Indian Students Eligibility, Medical Education in the Philippines Course Duration and Medical Education in the Philippines Fee Structure

Eligibility Criteria To Study Medical Education In The Philippines For Indian Students

Every International Medical student cannot get admission to Study MBBS in Philippines.

Students should qualify certain essential eligibility criteria to get an admission and do MBBS in Philippines like:

• A 10 + 2 passing certificate with Biology, Physics, Chemistry compulsory subjects and with 50% of PCB.
• For SC, ST or Physically challenged candidates have an exemption of 5% from 50%, only 45% PCB is sufficient to them.
• Students should be in between 17 to 25 years of age group with good physical and mental health.
• The Medical Education in the Philippines requires the previous education to have English medium of instruction as they should understand the teaching language in Philippines.
NEET qualification (if it is an MBBS student from India) is needed as it is made compulsory to get admission into foreign medical colleges since the release of the 2018 MCI notification.
• NEET score card (if it is an MBBS student from India) submission is a must to get Visa interview slot in Philippines embassy.
• School Transfer Certificate of the student along with the other original certificates of School Graduating Certificate, +2 certificates.
• A medical checkup certificate from a recognized medical center is also a must.
• A valid passport with a minimum 6 months of expiry time period.
• The student should also get a Police Clearance Certificate that proves the child has no criminal records in India / that country.
• A No Objection Certificate from the parents/legal guardians indicating their acceptance to send their child to Study MBBS in Philippines.
• A valid Birth Certificate is also a must to be submitted to get the admission in any universities.
• An attested bank statement from the parents/legal guardians for an amount of the first year’s fee as closing balance.
• Study and Conduct certificate from all 12 years of education.
• Letter of Acceptance from any valid Philippines university after the initial admission fee is paid for the admission letter.

Philippines medical college fees

Philippines MBBS fees would range anywhere between 12 – 30 lacs. Every year, more than 8000 students take admission in the Philippines Medical colleges because they provide a high quality of education. The cost to complete the MBBS course is reasonable and there is no donation fee in many Philippines Medical Colleges.

Top Philippines medical colleges offer theoretical as well as practical education which empowers the students to become a successful practitioner. The medicinal course provided to students in Philippines is known as the MD program (Doctor of Medicine).

The medical colleges in Philippines have a low tuition fee structure for Indian students with a high quality of education.

Top Medical College in Philippines Approved by CHED and Listed in MCI
UV Gullas college of medicine||Top ranking medical college in Philippines


Study MBBS in Philippines from UV Gullas College of Medicine one of the best medical college in Philippines. Studying MBBS in Philippines is most preferred by most Indian Middle class families today as they find Philippines Medical Colleges to be best colleges of medicine with top quality education and affordable fees structures.

UV Gullas College of medicine is more than 4 decades old affiliated to the university of the Visayas which is more than 100 years old, with high reputation in Philippines offering high quality medical education to International students.

The Gullas College of Medicine aims to transform society through medicine. We strongly believe that we play a crucial role in the metamorphosis by imparting excellence through medical education programs. These are designed to deploy next-gen clinicians and specialists who will be exemplary role models in their own right. While fostering high integrity, our outputs involve honesty, accountability, trustworthiness, and technical inquisitiveness. With intrinsic planning and organization, we aspire to ingrain excellence in every student to provide effective, innovative, responsive and timely solutions.

Gullas college of medicine Infrastructure

There are two campuses in Cebu City, the main University UV Gullas College of Medicine campus located in the downtown Cebu City area and the laboratory high school of UV Gullas College of Medicine in Pardo. The main campus of UV Gullas College of Medicine in Cebu City is a multi-storied building that is equipped with several facilities for the students. Living spaces are fully air-conditioned with attached bathrooms. Students also have access to free Wi-Fi, and other sports entertainment. Every learner receives personal care and assistance at the hostel. Constant CCTV surveillance and the presence of 24 / 7 campus guards ensure high levels of student security. With, clinical training is imparted by a highly-trained and experienced faculty, who have demonstrated capabilities in their respective fields. The Gullas College of Medicine ensures that the Medical Education in the Philippines is imparted through practical education.

UV Gullas College of medicine Accreditations

• General council of medicine of Great Britain,
• American Medical Association of the USA,
• Medical Council of India,
• Medical Council of Thailand,
• Medical Council of California,
• Australian Medical Council Limited (ECFMG),
• The World Health Organization and International Medical Education Directory.

UV Gullas college of medicine Admissions eligibility criteria

• The student must be 18 years of age.
• Should have completed high school.
• Completely filled-out Application Form.
• The original copy of his/her National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) result.
• Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree (B.S) in Science or Arts
• Certificate of Good Moral Character from previously attended university
• His/her high school report card (form 138) duly certified or signed by their School Principal
• Original (for presentation only) and photocopy of his/her NSO-certified birth certificate.

ADVANTAGES OF STUDYING Medical Education in the Philippines in UV Gullas College of Medicine

• Advanced education systems with first-class conveniences and implemented with the well-established UV Gullas infrastructure
• Best boarding and protection provided by the uv gullas college of medicine aboard.
• UV gullas Hostel, Availability of Indian food for students.
• UV Gullas college of medicine Global susceptibility by working with various societies.
• Gullas college of medicine requires an MBBS student to complete 5.5 years for a complete degree, hence 5.5 years of practical education.
• The UV Gullas college of medicine Philippines cebu city has better proximity to India
• UV Gullas college of medicine Cebu city Easy accessibility with several daily flights
• Extensive Syllabus and curriculum with in-depth practical exposure
• Affordable cost of learning
• Unique hands-on practice in Gullas college of medicine
• UV Gullas college of medicine has a tropical climate like India
• The Gullas College of Medicine strives to provide the most comfortable medical education in Philippines.
• The Gullas College of Medicine has its own Hostel inside the campus with Mess.
• The UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel Rooms are Air conditioned and well equipped.
• The Mess serves students with Both South & North Indian food.
• 24/7 security service with CCTV surveillance

UV Gullas College of Medicine Syllabus

UV Gullas College of Medicine has been ranked at number 3, in the recently published report in Wikipedia. This information is as per the updated results of 2019, Physician Licensure Examination.

The passing percentage of UV Gullas College of Medicine due to the UV Gullas College of Medicine Syllabus has a passing percentage of 98.54 % in 2018 and 98.65% in 2019. The course follows US-based syllabus, and is more practical oriented.


UV Gullas College of medicine fee structure is moderate for Students University Of the Visayas UV Gullas College of Medicine serves International Students especially very comfortable for Indian students who wish to study Medicine with affordable Fees Structure.

UV Gullas college of medicine Fees structure can be paid in two portions which is very affordable for Indian students and they are permitted to pay in same mode for every semester.

Whereas UV Gullas College of Medicine admissions come with flexible payment modules as students having installment options to pay their fees and without donation or capitation fees. Total course duration is 5 years 4 months. The first year fees is 6.75 lakhs.

It offers relevant documents to students by which they can apply for study loan for abroad.

UV Gullas college of medicine admission requirements

• The minimum qualifying marks for a student to be eligible to apply for studying MBBS in Gullas college of Medicine is 50% (aggregate in Physics, Chemistry and Biology).
• Students who wish to study MBBS in UV Gullas should also clear NEET exam in India.
• Also, Indian students will have to appear for NMAT exams in Philippines before getting admission in any medical college.
• Application processing time in UV Gullas College of Medicine will take 3 to 5 working days.
• Later selected students will be issued with Notice of Acceptance. All documents including certificates, mark sheets, etc. should be provided during admission process.
• Parents bank statement with 5 lakhs rupees balance must be provided along with any support affidavit that they will take care of their son/daughter fees to university throughout their education must be provided. These will undergo an attestation and Authentication (Apostle) process.

The following documents are supposed to be submitted for red ribbon process to the University Admission office UV Gullas college of Medicine, Chennai

UV Gullas College of Medicine Admission requires a National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) score. The cut-off NMAT score, for international students, is usually higher than locals and is based on the medical school’s discretion. Shortlisted candidates are subsequently interviewed for a final selection.

UV Gullas college of medicine Food and accommodation

Campus accommodations are provided along with food, for all students who enroll with the UV Gullas College of Medicine. Equipped with a complete range of facilities, we ensure that the students are housed in a home away from home. Delicious dishes are served according to ethnic Indian tastes and traditions. Wi-Fi is available round-the-clock. A huge study hall encourages students to collaborate and work better. There are separate housekeeping staffs for cleaning the rooms. At a nominal cost, laundry facilities are offered as well. Clean drinking water is made available through a water purifier equipped with RO technology. A separate parking area for vehicles is marked for those who commute from a little farther away from their study area within the campus. Students are provided with a highly-secure and hassle-free study environment with the availability of CCTV and 24-hour security guards who keep a vigil across the campus.

UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel Offers Highly secured 24×7 CCTV secured separate boys and girls Hostel facilities in-campus with both north and south Indian food all three times a day. UV Gullas hostel is highly secured with CCTV camera and strict discipline is followed for International students. The hostel has all facilities that International students require have comfortable stay. There is separate study area for boys and girls well maintained for students to prepare for their exams and assignments. UV Gullas hostel in campus offers air-conditioned rooms as per requirement of the students. UV Gullas Medical college hostel is well equipped with all basic requirements for students to make them comfortable for their studies.

UV Gullas College of medicine hostel

There are different hostel rooms available within UV Gullas College of Medicine campus to facilitate students with their requirements. International students are strictly advised to stay only in the hostel which is well maintained by University Management. This is a reason why most International students gets attracted towards Gullas college of medicine as they are facilitated with in campus accommodation in Gullas college of medicine Hostel with complete security.

There is Indian canteen available for Indian International Medical students. The canteen offers variety of menu with custom package available for both North Indian and south Indian students. UV Gullas College of Medicine Canteen has Indian chef to prepare same style of Indian food for Indian students. Both Veg and Non-Veg food is available in the canteen. Non-Veg food is strictly prepared by Halal method.

Studying MBBS in Philippines – Indian Students life

UV Gullas college of medicine continues to be an attractive destination for Indian students wishing to pursue medical education for past few years. Other than its affordable medical universities, bountiful natural resources, acceptance of English language, the country welcomes diversity like none other; the locals are hardly seen inhospitable towards foreign tourists and students. Filipinos are warm, cheerful people with a great sense of humor. According to Gallup’s index the country is nearly ranked on top as of one of the happiest countries in the world. Pursuing MBBS or any higher studies in Philippines is surely a wise decision! Philippines medical colleges offer world class education in the field of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, business and many more subjects. Indian students are seen keenly interested in some of the top Medicine Universities in Philippines.

Medical education in the Philippines is an easily workable option for Indian students for various reasons including similarities like homely and welcoming culture, affordable cost of living and tuition, compatible quality of education, state of the art infrastructure and advanced educational methods.

Let’s look into some other aspects that have been attracting international students to Philippines medical universities.

Reading and believing is different than actually experiencing it, so just secure your admission and visit to experience Philippines as a Student, it will be that decision of your life that you will never ever regret in your life

UV Gullas College of medicine Affiliated Hospitals

Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center:

One of the leading government-owned hospitals, in Cebu City, the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center is an 800-bed facility that was named in the honor of Senator Vicente Sotto.
Having started off very small, this tertiary medical center houses a training facility and distinguished faculty to impart medical education. Vicente Sotto during his time as senator of the Philippines was instrumental in transitioning many activities but one of his primary achievements was his authorship of the Press Freedom Law also known as the Sotto Law.
The center located in B. Rodriguez Street, Sambag I, Cebu City encompasses many services in its infrastructure. The hospital is well equipped with advanced equipment for treatment for various complicated diseases.

Chong Hua Medical Center:

The Chong Hua Hospital is a noble institution that values life over money. This industry leader in treatments is located in Cebu City, Philippines and is also a non-profit organization. Owned by the Asociación Benévola de Cebú, this was only the third hospital in the country and the first medical center in the Visayas and Mindanao. This 660-bed facility encompasses world-class facilities and also uses a fully integrated healthcare system to render high-profile customer care. With provisions at par with some of the most respected hospitals around the world, the Chong Hua Medical Center is an 11-storey tall twin-tower building located in the very heart of Cebu City. The hospital is very famous in Cebu region with highly experienced doctors. This is a multi specialty hospital facilitated with operation theaters and equipment.

Perpetual Succor Hospital:

The University of Perpetual Help System was established around 1968 and constitutes of the Perpetual Help Hospital and a college that trains doctors, nurses and other allied arm professionals involved in healthcare. PSHM is ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certified. Already tutoring more than 40,000 students on an average, this institution is a full-fledged general hospital that employs more than 4,000 teaching and non-teaching staff.

The university and medical center is spread across 9 campuses and has been rendering world-class services over the past 4 decades.
PSHM offers a wide array of services mainly Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Surgical, and Advanced medical treatments. An affiliate of the UV Gullas College of Medicine- UV College of Nursing, PSHM also aids in the training of the future nurses. Continuous renovations and expansions promise a comfortable ambience conductive to modern health care. These and more make PSHM one of the eminent private hospitals in Cebu city today.

CDU Hospital:

The original idea of constructing a hospital which could be considered as Modern Medical Center in this part of the Philippines and which would be controlled by the physicians themselves in order to give the utmost in convenience and well-being to the patients had been the brainchild of Dr. Jose Borromeo. He was instrumental in grouping together 30 doctors who organized themselves into the hospital project in the latter part of 1962.

The CDU Hospital is a private medical university that was established sometime in 1975. In 1976, it was officially registered with the SEC or Securities and Exchange Commission and finally, in 2004, the CHED or Commission on Higher Education granted it a University Status. The Hospital offers a variety of Senior High School, Undergraduate, Graduate and College of Medicine programs, CDU Hospital also encompasses impeccable student guidance centers besides possessing various amenities such as fully air-conditioned rooms, 24-hour security, Wi-Fi and CCTV surveillance.

UV Gullas college of medicine International students Admission office

Indian students who are looking to get the UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions 2021-22, can apply through online or also visit the Authorized Admission office at Chennai Vadapalani.
The UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions Staff will give sufficient counseling and help you understand the scope of studying medicine.
Their job roles go out into supporting students in all ways like admissions, enrollments, visa interviews, even from travelling to till the completion of the entire course.

Gullas College of Medicine International Students Admission office

Shree Towers, 100 Feet road,
Near ADORE, Vadapalani,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600026.
Ct: 0091 – 944 555 3877

Mail us at

For more visit


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