Philippines MBBS

Philippines MBBS

Philippines MBBS is a blog evaluates the medical education in Philippines and the benefits of studying in Philippines.

Nowadays, Philippines MBBS is an idea that is fast catching up and capturing the imagination of the International Medical students and the parents alike across the world. MBBS in Philippines is now a best destination for Indian students to study medicine.

More about Philippines MBBS

More than 12,000 students come from foreign countries like USA, UK, Germany, Ukraine & India to study MBBS in Philippines. Almost, all top NMC & WHO approved Philippines medical colleges in Philippines follows US education system.

It offers the students to have brighter career opportunities after completion of MBBS from Philippines.

It provides the ideal mix of theoretical and practical education which empowers the aspirants to become successful practitioner. The medicinal course offer to students in Philippines is known as the MD program [Doctor of Medicine].

The number of Indian International medical students keeps increasing with the dream to study MBBS in abroad. Philippines have the very great reputation and they are known to convey the medicinal training of magnificence.

About Philippines

The Philippines, also known as the Republic of Philippines is situated in Southeast Asia in the Western Pacific Ocean. Its capital, Manila, is famous for its waterfront and centuries-old Chinatown. Philippines was a colony of USA for around 50 years and thus the country follows the American system of education.

Philippines is a founding member of the United Nations, World Trade Organization, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, and the East Asia Summit. The country also hosts the headquarters of the Asian Development Bank.

The Philippines has shown a great transition in economy from agriculture to the one with services and manufacturing. In addition to membership in the United Nations, the Philippines is also a founding and active member of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

As a founding member of the United Nations, the Philippines has been elected many times into the Security Council. The country is also an active participant in the Human Rights Council and in peacekeeping missions.

When it comes to MBBS abroad destinations for MBBS, Indian students has a few countries in the list. MBBS in Philippines is one of the preferred destinations of Indian students. Similar to studying MBBS in China or European Countries, the Medical Council of India provides approval for many medical colleges and universities. Here is the brief outlook on studying medicine in Philippines.

The Philippines medical colleges offering a low tuition fees structure for Indian students with high quality of education, as it is the worth for your money.

The Philippines medical colleges are approved by the NMC and also listed in World Health Organization (WHO) Geneva, FAIMER etc. Most of the medical students from Philippines get opportunities to work in power nation countries, if they have successfully finished the medical course.

Philippines MBBS course is with duration of 5 and ½ years. The first one and a half year, Indian medical students have to learn about pre-medicine course (that is called the Bachelor of Science program). … The Pre medicine course is followed by M.D (Doctor of Medicine) course.

The Philippines medical colleges offering a low tuition fees structure for Indian students with high quality of education, as it is the worth for your money.

The Philippines medical colleges are approved by the NMC and also listed in World Health Organization (WHO) Geneva, FAIMER etc. Most of the medical students from Philippines get opportunities to work in power nation countries, if they have successfully finished the medical course.

Benefits of MBBS in Philippines for Indian Students to pursue medicine course in Philippines:

  • MBBS in Philippines is affordable & also the cost of living for Indian student.
  • Philippines is the best destination for MBBS study with high quality of education.
  • MBBS in Philippines is fully taught in English language.
  • Not necessary to learn any new language to study in Philippines.
  • Every Philippines medical universities follow the US pattern of education which directly helps the students who desire to give USMLE exam.
  • Higher FMGE passing percentage than Ukraine, China, Russia, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan & Germany (2016-17).
  • In Philippines, One of the most noteworthy NMC Screening Test passing.
  • Direct MBBS admission in Philippines with best medical universities.
  • All top medical universities in Philippines are recognized by– WHO, NMC, ECFMG & WFME
  • MBBS degree from Philippines are globally recognized.
  • No donation and capitation fees to take MBBS admission in Philippines.
  • IELTS & TOEFL exam is not required.

Philippines MBBS course duration

The total course duration of MBBS in Philippines consists of the pre-medical course and MBBS course. Here are the details about the distributed course duration of MBBS in the Philippines:

  • The total course duration in Philippines is of 6 years(including 1 year internship).
  • MBBS course in Philippines is called as BS-MD.
  • The initial 16 months of MBBS course will center around bachelor of science program which builds up a solid establishment for medical education.
  • Next 4 years of study is fully associated to study medicine and clinical subjects. At the end of program, students undergo the clinical rotations where they get an opportunity to work for selected hospital departments and under the supervision of senior doctors, they can practice and learn about medicines while treating the patients.

The medical curriculum of MBBS course is in English language in the Philippines:

The medical universities in the Philippines that offer MBBS training programs conduct the whole course of medicine in English language.

Philippines MBBS Syllabus is based on US education system

Syllabus for Pre-Medical
First Term Second Term Third Term Fourth Term
Calculus & Analytical Plant Physiology Ecology Rizal’s Life, Works, and Writings
Geometry Fundamentals of Genetics Education for sustainable Econ. / Taxation & Agrarian Reform
Biochemistry Animal Physiology Development Human Genetic
Plant Morpho-anatomy Entomology Research Methodology Radiation Biology
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Freshwater Biology Systematic Biology Histology & Micro-technique
General Psychology General Microbiology Cell and Molecular Biology Research in Bio. Sc. (Thesis Writing)Immunology
Parasitology Philosophy of Man Comparative Religion
Plant Morpho-anatomy Developmental Biology Politics and Governance
MBBS (MD) Syllabus
First Term Second Term Third Term Fourth Term
Anatomy Pharmacology Pediatrics-2 Surgery
Histology General Pathology Surgery-2 Medicine
Biochemistry Clinical Pathology Medicine-2 Psychiatry
Psychiatry Parasitology Internal Medicine Ophthalmology
Physiology Medicine-1 Legal Medicine Neurology
Neuroscience Epidemiology Dermatology Pediatrics
History of Medicine Microbiology Radiology Obstetrics and Gynecology
Preventive and Communicative Pharmacology Neuroscience-3
Medicine Pediatrics-1 Cardiology
Bioethics Surgery Advanced Pathology
Neuroscience 2 Ophthalmology
Psychiatry Obstetrics and Gynecology

Philippines Food & Accommodation

Philippines medical college offers students a well-furnished and comfortable accommodation facility for students:

  • Philippines medical universities offer hostel facilities to international students.
  • Hostel areas are fully monitored by CCTV camera for the students.
  • Hostels are completely outfitted and furnished with beds, fans, cooling system, couch, feasting table, microwave and many more.
  • On the off chance you need, you will likewise be allowed to remain at a convenience of their decision, however that is permitted just after the 1st semester.

Indian students do not need to worry about the food as there are options available for students. The Indian food is available on campuses as well as in the city of every medical university:

  • Indian International Medical students will get completely different varieties of healthy and hygienic Indian food from any medical universities canteens like of Gujarati, Punjabi, South Indian & many more.
  • If an Indian student wants to eat Indian food in Philippines outside the universities canteens, they can get the Indian food very easily by exploring the beautiful country.

Philippines climate

Philippines climate is not so different than that in India:

The climate condition in Philippines is almost similar to India. Although, the climate either be tropical rainforest, tropical savanna or tropical monsoon, or humid subtropical. The maximum temperature in summer goes up to 25-30 degree Celsius.

Philippines mbbs career opportunities

The Philippines is the country which offers you vast career opportunities after completing the medical course from here. Have a look at a few of the paths which you can choose after completing MBBS from the Philippines:

  • USA alternative will open for you. Philippines will likewise give you adequate of employment opportunities during and after the fulfillment of MBBS degree in Philippines. You can acquire more than some other nation in the wake of finishing medicinal education in Philippines.
  • You can enroll for the post graduation or hospital management courses.
  • You can pick for clinical research jobs or begin for clinical practice.
  • One can enroll in master of health service, master of administration in Philippines or master of public health.
  • You can come back to India and begin working as practitioner by passing the NMC screening exam.

UV Gullas College of Medicine is located in Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines. It was established in the year of 1919. The main college is in Cebu city and another one is the downtown area of Cebu. UV Gullas campus main college consists of Vicente Gullas memorial hospital, University of Visayas college of Nursing, Gullas college of Dentistry, Tan Kim ching cancer centre.

The UV Gullas College of Medicine, or also known as University of Visayas Gullas College of Medicine, has a celebrated reputation with it being the 1st university in Cebu City, the Philippines established in 1919.

University of Visayas Gullas College of Medicine not only sees its graduates turn into successful Licensed Medical Doctors but also graciously houses over 30,000 aspirants of which several thousand are international and Indian students.

And thus, the UV Gullas College of Medicine reviews are pragmatically always positive be it University of Visayas Gullas College of Medicine’s ultra-modern hostels, adaptive educational curriculum, urban location and ease of living. Supporting this, the UV Gullas College of Medicine ranking is attractive and presents the University of Visayas Gullas College of Medicine as a credible and smart choice for an MBBS abroad.

The UV Gullas college of medicine international reputation for world-leading research, facilities and resources attracts International medical students from all over the world. Imbue the Christian ideals of love and service to humanity through a tradition of religious and community oriented education. Numerous rankings placed us first and as most preferred medical college in the Philippines. Our medical and health teaching and research as the best in the Philippines for years running and the UV Gullas as the best university in the Cebu, Philippines. UV Gullas came top of all universities as most preferred best medical college in Philippines for International medical students.

At UV Gullas College of Medicine students are prepared to fit into global competition and become top in global race. Gullas College of Medicine is one of top ranking Philippines Medical college which is most loved by International medical students looking to study MBBS in Philippines. UV Gullas College of Medicine is most trending medical college in Philippines preferred by most medical aspirants from India among top MCI approved medical colleges in Philippines.

UV Gullas college of medicine Faculties are globally renowned; Our staff are truly international, originating from almost 100 different countries and territories. The University has won many Anniversary Prizes for Higher Education – more than any other university.

UV Gullas College of Medicine ranking has a passing percentage of 98.54 % in 2019 and 98.65% in 2020.

  • UV Gullas college of medicine has been recognized by the
  • General council of medicine of Great Britain,
  • American Medical Association of the USA,
  • Medical Council of India,
  • Medical Council of Thailand,
  • Medical Council of California,
  • Australian Medical Council Limited (ECFMG),
  • The World Health Organization and International Medical Education Directory.

MBBS in Philippines is suitable for Indian Students

Medicine has always been one of the most lucrative and sought after career options both in India and abroad as well. A profession noble as such and aimed towards promoting a healthier society in general, requires the course structure to be designed with utmost caution. Indian International Medical students have aspired to pursue MBBS abroad. Countries all over the world develop the structural design of the course according to the criteria they deem as best suited. Philippines has become a hub of medical education with many top universities. Students studying here would be having a wider vision. After graduation students who have covered the Philippines MBBS syllabus have a better chance of employment in other countries as well. This is an opportunity where you can study in a good university, travel and also learn about a new country at the same time, chances to travel round the world also exist.

UV Gullas college of medicine services

  • Free counseling.
  • Assistance in Registration & Enrollment
  • Assistance for education loan.
  • Assistance for Scholarship.
  • Do Admission Processing.
  • Admission documentation.
  • Visa Documentation.
  • Travel Arrangements.
  • Receiving at Airport.
  • Students’ registration at the University.
  • Assistance in any issues concerned.
  • Free guidance and free material for NMAT.
  • Assistance in health related problems.
  • Regular feedback to parents.
  • Special travel arrangements for parents.
  • Post education placement assistance.
  • Free Guidance & Arranging Examination material for MCI test.
  • MCI Registration.
  • Complete career guidance is provided to all the candidates so that they make no mistake in choosing the right course, The parents are welcomed to attend the counseling sessions by UV Gullas college of medicine that are specially given by qualified doctors designed to help their children select a future that would help them flourish and gain prosperity in the long run. A thorough evaluation of their goals in life as well as an assessment of their personalities is achieved through these sessions.
  • All the required information pertaining to the admission procedure about UV Gullas college of medicine is provided by us, including the deadlines, the step-by-step process to follows, the fee structure etc. We believe that action speaks louder than words. Hence, we are ready to guarantee the candidate’s admission to any desired university/country of choice, granted that he/she meets the requirements and follows instructions as directed.
  • More often than not, candidates will opt for a student’s/ education loan to study abroad. Leave it to us to suggest the best possible options when it comes to applying for some financial help.we discern the bank that is most likely to offer the maximum benefit and lowest interest rate when it comes to an education loan.
  • We also help gifted and meritorious students obtain full/partial scholarships as and when applicable, if the concerned candidate fits the criteria to apply for the same.
  • Our staff is more than willing to help out the candidates regarding the filling up and filing of any documentation pertaining to the process of admission.
  • To making the necessary arrangements for obtaining insurance overseas to ensuring a smooth process of foreign exchange from respective banks – trust us to accomplish it all in a secure manner.

UV Gullas college of medicine Services provided after admission

  • Making required arrangements for the transportation of International Medical students from the respective airports of the country they move to, to their places of accommodation.
  • Settling down in an unfamiliar location and atmosphere after a student travels to a foreign country can be nerve-wracking for him/her. Our coordinators at the respective locations assist the new arrivals with a much needed helping hand in getting them acquainted with their campus/hostel life.
  • Our capable staff undertakes the task of handling all the important formalities of getting the student registered and all set to start their life at the UV Gullas College of medicine campus.
  • UV Gullas college of medicine Admission office staff is available to assist the candidates with any query that they might face during the entire span of studying abroad. This includes making arrangements for their visits back to their homeland.
  • Parents/guardians back home are always concerned over their children’s well being during the time that they are studying abroad. Thanks to our coordinators located in the hometown from them these parents/guardians receive constant updates about how their children are doing out there in the universities.

Finally, in nut shell , in our post admission services UV Gullas college of medicine remain in constant touch with the International Medical students and parents and keep guiding him/her for MCI examinations/USMLE/PLAB and job prospects.


Indian International Medical students who are looking to get admission in UV Gullas College of Medicine can apply through online also visit Authorized Admission office at Chennai Vadapalani.

They Education expert will give sufficient counseling for studying medicine.

They will support students in all ways like admission, enrollment, visa interview, travelling to till the completion of the entire course.

UV Gullas College of medicine admissions opens for 2021. For more, parents and students can reach International Medical Students Admission office

UV Gullas college of medicine Admission office






Ct: 9445553877




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