Campus Facilities & Infrastructure – UV Gullas College of Medicine

UV Gullas College of Medicine Campus Facilities & Infrastructure

Located in Banilad, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines, UV Gullas College of Medicine Campus Infrastructure is of International standards!

UV Gullas Campus has all kinds of state-of-the-art modern campus facilities that a student needs to compete in the global stage. UV Gullas College of Medicine Infrastructure gives our medical students a 360-degree MBBS education in terms of experience and exposure.

The extensive and exhaustive campus facilities provided at UV Gullas College of Medicine Campus is also one of the reasons why UV Gullas is at the top-3 of the best medical colleges in Philippines.

Pleasant, scenic campus with tropical climate suitable for Indian students

Digital Infrastructure including 24/7 Digital Libraries, Digital classrooms and Simulation Labs

Extensive sports facilities available on UV Gullas campus to keep our students active and fit!

English speaking faculty who are trained to support students throughout their MBBS journey!


Digital Classrooms!

Moreover UV Gullas implemented technology-enabled digital classroom years before the COVID-19 struck and made everyone aware of the importance of digital learning tools.

By extending our physical classrooms with digital technology and learning tools, we create a more 360-degree learning experience with effective workflows, faster feedback loops, and easy visualizations of complex concepts.

UV Gullas College of Medicine campus infrastructure is also one of the big reasons for its various accreditation by WHO, FAIMER, ECFMG, USMLE, and Medical Council of India (MCI).

Anatomage Table

Anatomage table is the most technologically advanced anatomy visualization system on the market. Also It is a virtual library of human cadavers that enables students to visualize the human body virtually through advanced 3D technology, from dissecting to simulating.

Though UV Gullas have lots of international students, this hostel is only for Indian Students from Visayas This also gives a more in-depth knowledge without getting their hands dirty.

Of course, they also get to work with actual cadavers. But anatomage table adds new possibilities for students to master human anatomy at their own pace and comfort!

3D Simulation Labs at UV Gullas College of Medicine Campus!

UV Gullas College of Medicine Infrastructure also includes cutting-edge 3D Simulation labs to help our students achieve educational goals through experiential learning!

By replicating clinical scenarios in our simulation labs, our students get to prepare for real-life situations by training & honing their skills, refining advanced techniques and learning valuable social interactive tools.

UV Gullas College of Medicine in-campus Hospital

1200+ bed in-house Hospital for Clinical Training

UV Gullas College of Medicine has an in house Hospital Gullas Health Resort  which has a bed count of 1200+ which gives our students a chance to get surplus Practical training and incessant internship opportunities. 

Whether the MBBS students go for job placements or higher studies, world-over students with high practical experience are preferred to just theoretical knowledge!


Why Indian students choose UV Gullas Campus?

High Caliber Education!

A university’s rank or worth is being measured by number of students enrolling every year and number of students qualifying the FMGExam or USMLExam.

In addition Considering the above Criteria UV Gullas campus has been excelling with great results every year!

Commitment to Practical-based curriculum!

Moreover At UV Gullas campus, the Cadavers are provided in the ratio of 1: 15. So every 15 students get their own cadaver. The amount of personal experience and exposure to Human tissues, nerves and epidermis are also being taught with real cadavers and not digitized at UV Gullas College of Medicine campus!

On the Job Training!

The students, who are the future doctors, get to complete their Internships at Gullas Health Resort. At UV Gullas College of Medicine campus, every student is given extensive exposure during the Internship. IN addition Internships are carried out in the Final Year of MD and along with additional one year to fulfil the NMC new guidelines.


How to Apply to UV Gullas College of Medicine?

Admission Process

UV Gullas College of Medicine has simplified the admission process for the ease of Indian students & parents! Our official UV Gullas admissions office in Chennai, India, will take care of your entire admission process!

Flying to UV Gullas!

Moreover Our official UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions office in India will take care of your travel arrangements including VISA processing and getting cheap flight tickets to Philippines!

Student reviewS of UV GULLAS COLLEGE OF MEDICINE CAmpus & Infrastructure

Finally My entire family’s dream came true because of UV Gullas College of Medicine. My parents & I are proud that I get to study a truly world-class MBBS degree at such a reputed institution in Philippines!

– Third Year MD Student Review

At UV Gullas College of Medicine campus, I enjoy great facilities, international standards lab infrastructure and a global exposure at such an unbelievably affordable tuition fee structure!

First Year Student Review


The MBBS, BDS, MD degrees given by UV Gullas College of Medicine are also recognized by all major international medical organizations of the world!

frequently asked Questions

Is MBBS Admission Open now for UV Gullas?

Yes. Finally Admissions for 2023 MBBS batch are open now at UV Gullas College of Medicine. For Further details Contact UV Gullas authorized admissions office at +91 9445553877 right away to book your MBBS seat!

Is UV Gullas in MCI recognized?

Yes! UV Gullas College of Medicine is recognized by National Medical Commission, formerly known as Medical Council of India (MCI). That is why 100s of Indian students join UV Gullas to study MBBS in Philippines every year!

Is UV Gullas College of Medicine world ranking?

Yes! UV Gullas College of Medicine world ranking is listed among the best medical colleges world rankings. This is also why UV Gullas is recognized by WHO, MCI, ECFMG, FAIMER, etc.

Is Philippines a safe country to study MBBS?

Of all the countries Indian students choose to study MBBS abroad, Philippines has turned out to be safest and the best option. Philippines is a peaceful & pleasant country with friendly people who welcome and take care of Indian students well!

I want to join MBBS at UV Gullas. How do I start my admission process?

Simply call our UV Gullas college of medicine India admissions office at +91 9445553877 and get step-by-step assistance for your MBBS admission!

Does UV Gullas hostel provide healthy food in the campus?

Nutritiously made North-Indian & South-Indian food is provided for Indian students studying at UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel and campus! Know more about UV Gullas hostel here >>

Is UV Gullas a good college to study MBB abroad?

UV Gullas College of Medicine is one of the top-3 best medical colleges in the Philippines. UV Gullas is known for its world-class facilities, high-quality MBBS curriculum and its student-centric support system.

Is NEET required for UV Gullas MBBS admissions?

Yes! NEET is compulsory for MBBS admission as per the rules of Indian government. However, if you have a minimum pass mark in NEET, UV Gullas College of Medicine will consider you for MBBS admissions.

Got more questions about UV Gullas College of Medicine?

Our trained Counsellors are always available to answer your questions and help you in every step of the way to get MBBS admission in UV Gullas College of Medicine. Call or send us a message in WhatsApp right away and get started with making your doctor dreams come true!