UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel, Food and Safety for International Students

UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel is one of the biggest advantages of UV Gullas College of Medicine Campus. For most Indian students studying MBBS abroad, most of the MBBS abroad colleges don’t provide in-campus accommodation/ hostel facilities. Students have to stay outside the campus in rented accommodations, and this is a common trend especially in Russia, Georgia, China and Ukraine.

Issues faced while doing MBBS Abroad

Issues faced while doing MBBS Abroad that the students face tend to be :

  • Travelling from their place of stay to the college which takes quite a lot of time. This happens as they can take a place of accommodation only based on affordability. They end up facing hassles like using public transport, dealing with more number of foreign language speaking people, cooking food, security, ragging etc.
  • Availability of food. Either students end up cooking for themselves or eating outside. They end up losing nutrition/health or spend too much time doing unnecessary activities like buying food, cooking, cleaning vessels, cleaning houses, shopping for the house etc that they could be using to focus on their curriculum. 
  • Staying outside the college campus also exposes students to unnecessary habits.

All said, one thing students can’t afford to lose when they are studying MBBS abroad is their FOCUS. Time is valuable. Every ounce of effort they put on anything extraneous to studies should be minimized, so that they could invest into the possibility of being a better doctor. MBBS Abroad is a tough choice given the fact that parents make the call sitting in another country. MBBS in Philippines, is even more difficult because everybody the parents and the students meet, claim to be “THE Original and Authentic” Consultant.

Choosing a Medical College for doing MBBS Abroad is one of the toughest choices. Hence research on the college and the location, with importance to climate, culture and language is important. An Authorized consultant will never charge exorbitant college fees nor will they take a kick-back from the concerned parent. If the consultant is acting too suspicious, ask directly for the college account number, verify it with the concerned bank and make the payment directly to the college.

UV Gullas College of Medicine

UV Gullas College of Medicine ensures that this kind of confusion doesn’t exist with its students and parents. There are only three authorized offices of UV Gullas – One in Chennai, another in Pune and a third in Andhra.

At UV Gullas College of Medicine, we make sure every need of our MBBS students aspiring to study MBBS in Philippines are met. We try to ensure they are very comfortable in the UV Gullas Hostel present inside the campus, so that they can put all their energy in their studies. 

UV Gullas College of Medicine takes pride in creating an education-focused atmosphere around it’s students. 


The UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel, Cebu City, Philippines, provides special accommodation facilities for students pursuing MBBS abroad. Care has being taken to ensure that Food suiting the International students and their culture has also been provided just so they feel at home, though they are away from home.

UV Gullas college of Medicine Hostel in Philipines

UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel that is Inside campus :   

UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel offers accommodation for MBBS students inside the campus. The in-campus hostel is affiliated to the UV Gullas College of Medicine International Medical College Admission Office, in Vadapalani, Chennai. The other offices have hostels affiliated to them and they are placed outside the campus in the near surroundings. The in-campus hostel rooms are equipped with all kinds of facilities that makes the students feel at home. Well-rested students always find it easier to focus more on their studies. 

The UV Gullas College of Medicine hostel rooms are spacious, with options of being fully air-conditioned & equipped with comfortable furniture. The In-Campus Hostel rooms come with attached washrooms and toilets. Huge conference study halls are there for our students to collaborate and study together. 

UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel Safety & Security

UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel Management takes a lot of effort in the safety & security of our students. The UV Gullas College of Medicine hostel in the UV Gullas College of Medicine campus is placed in a highly-secured environment with 24/7 security guards and CCTV installed in every corner. Due to this all our foreign students feel at home – safe, secure & comfortable.

Separate Accommodation for Boys and Girls

UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel provides separate hostels for girls and boys, so that they can be 100% comfortable in their living spaces. This also helps their parents back home feel comfortable with the fact that there are lesser unnecessary distractions for their children while they pursue their MBBS abroad. 


UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel provides everything a student would require at their convenience. Our concern is to minimize the effort and energies of our students in general living tasks so that they can devote all their time and energy into studies.

Among other facilities, UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel also provides,

  • 24/7 wifi connectivity
  • Clean drinking water with RO technology.
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply
  • Regular cleaning by housekeeping staff to keep our students’ living environment dirt and disease free.
  • Laundry facilities are available, at nominal costs.
  • Homely food


One of the major issues students studying MBBS abroad face is the problem of food. International students are used to the comfort and taste of their homely food. It is sometimes difficult for them to adapt to other cuisines easily. This could cause other health issues and digestive issues in some students.


To make Indian students feel at home UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel has taken the initiative to provide them healthy Indian food which turned out to be a huge success.

Indian students love the fact that they can get North/South Indian food / Veg/Non-Veg in the UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel, Cebu City, Philippines. They feel more at home. For Non-Veg based students, non-vegetarian food is given 6 out of 7 days a week.  

Delicious and nutritious Indian food provided at UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel Campus takes care of all the nutrient needs of students for the day. Students have fewer digestive issues when they are having the food they are used to in their homeland. 

Watch the video for complete information about UV Gullas in-campus hostel and the Indian food facilities provided there:

UV Gullas College of Medicine Campus and Cebu City

UV Gullas College of Medicine campus is in Cebu City, Philippines – a prosperous port capital – that provides the calm, serene setting for the UV Gullas Hostel campus also. The high-tech campus has been equipped with smart classrooms, advanced simulation labs, skills labs, Cadaver Training etc. This is to ensure that the students get a wholesome learning experience while they do MBBS in Philippines.  Our students are given personal care and attention to ensure they are comfortable while studying and been in the hostel.

Ultimately, UV Gullas College of Medicine aims to our make its campus a center of excellence in medical education in South Asia.

UV Gullas College of Medicine has ensured everything is present in the campus to achieve that. 

With the safe, secure & exceptional living conditions in the student accommodations, UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel becomes a safe haven for International students to pursue their dream of becoming a doctor without sacrificing their comfort. 

We have a 3 star rating for the college issued by CHED and we are striving towards achieving the 4th star soon.


Opportunities don’t always come knocking on the door. Every minute and second wasted is time and year also wasted.

If you would like to do MBBS Abroad more specifically, MBBS in Philippines, then you could check out our college UV Gullas College of Medicine.

The UV Gullas College of Medicine Admission Fees Structure is given in uvgullascollegeofmedicine.com

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