UV Gullas College of Medicine Campus Images

UV Gullas College of Medicine images will show you that UV Gullas offers a unique experience full of learning, comfort and joy!

Safety, security & comfort of our students are the foremost concerns at UVGCM. Excellent campus facilities can be observed from the UV Gullas College of Medicine Campus which also show that our students enjoy a healthy lifestyle!

Gullas College of Medicine is one of the most popular choices of medical college of Indian students for the past 10 years! View the lively UV Gullas College of Medicine campus images in this page:

Here are some UV Gullas College of Medicine campus pictures:

The dynamic and vibrant student life at UV Gullas College of Medicine, capturing the essence of a holistic education environment. It highlights the diverse extracurricular and academic opportunities available to MD students, from engaging in sports and cultural festivals to collaborative study sessions. This visual representation is designed to embody the comprehensive experience offered at UV Gullas College of Medicine, making it an ideal SEO-friendly image to attract prospective medical students.


“I’m blessed to study an international quality MBBS degree at UV Gullas campus!”
“Great facilities & a global exposure at an unbelievably low tuition fee at UV Gullas College!”
“My entire family’s dream came true because of UV Gullas College of Medicine!”

Student Life in Philippines – Gullas College of Medicine:

Gullas College of Medicine Campus is situated in Cebu City (the oldest city in Philippines ) which is also known as “queen of south”.

Cebu city is labeled as one of the other safest cities in philippines. UV Gullas Campus is surrounded by several scenic islands. 

The climate of Cebu is a tropical wet and dry climate which is similar to the climate in India making it comfortable for Indian students. The beautiful city of Cebu also forms the ideal environment for our students to relax and just focus on their studies alone. Here are some images of UV Gullas Medical College campus images and the surrounding landmarks of Cebu City:

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