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Embark on Your Medical Journey: Admission Insights for 2024 at UV Gullas

Secure Your Future with UV Gullas College of Medicine’s Trusted Program

Take the decisive step towards a future in healthcare with UV Gullas College of Medicine. As we roll out the welcome mat for the academic year 2024-2025, we invite you to join the ranks of over 2,000 Indian students who have placed their trust in our MBBS program. The journey to securing your seat in one of the most esteemed study abroad programs begins with a simple phone call to +91 9445553877 — your gateway to a world of opportunities

A Limited Opportunity for Aspiring Medics

With the competitive nature of medical seat allocation in India, UV Gullas College of Medicine offers a golden opportunity for students seeking international academic excellence. Our admissions process has been meticulously crafted to select not only the brightest but the most passionate future medical professionals. We encourage you to act promptly to ensure your place in a program renowned for its diversity, inclusivity, and dedication to shaping healthcare’s future..

Tailored Admissions Support for a Smooth Transition

Understanding the complexities of the admissions process, UV Gullas College of Medicine extends its support right from your doorstep. Our authorized admission office in India is equipped to guide you through every aspect of the admissions and visa processing. Embrace the possibility of becoming part of a vibrant community that fosters growth, innovation, and practical skills in the world of medicine.

UV GULLAS College of Medicine ADMISSION requirements

Simplified Admission Steps for Indian Aspirants at UV Gullas College of Medicine

Documents Required

For UV Gullas Medical College admission Indian students can now apply with sufficient documentation. For further more Call +91 9445553877 Also reach our UV Gullas Accredited Admissions office, and we’ll handle the rest for you!

Provisional Admission required Documents:-

1. 10th Standard Scorecard
2.12th Standard Scorecard
3.NEET admit card and Scorecard
4.Aadhaar Card or Passport Information page.


10th, 12th Marksheet
Police Clearance
NEET Score Card
Six photos
Birth Certificate

Seamless Admission Journey at UV Gullas College of Medicine


Explore the Path to becoming a UV GULLAS MEDICAL STUDENT

Embarking on your medical education journey is made straightforward with UV Gullas College of Medicine. Our Admission Process is designed with a personal touch, backed by decades of expertise from Visayas Education. Every counsellor is adept at tailoring a roadmap that aligns with your academic aspirations, ensuring you’re well-prepared at every step—from documentation to securing your seat.

We recognize the importance of guidance, particularly during your critical 12th-grade examinations. It’s why we offer strategic counselling sessions to bolster your confidence and academic performance.

Also Visayas Education takes care of complete UV Gullas Admission and Documentation procedure, guiding Indian students and parents throughout their application journey!


Flexible Tuition Payment Plans Tailored for Aspirants

Understanding the financial aspect of pursuing an MBBS is essential. At UV Gullas College of Medicine, we believe that financial constraints should not hinder your dreams. Our flexible Tuition Fee Structure is designed to ease the burden with part-payment options, allowing you to focus on your studies without the stress of finances.

Our part-payment system provides the convenience of managing your tuition through 4-5 easy instalments, bringing you closer to your medical career without the pressure of upfront payment in full. Additionally, Visayas Education’s extensive experience facilitates the process of securing educational loans, offering assistance to navigate through options with nationalized and private banks.


Streamlined VISA Facilitation at UV GULLAS Chennai Admissions Centre

Embarking on your educational journey at UV Gullas College of Medicine begins with seamless VISA assistance from our dedicated Chennai Admissions Office. Our meticulous attention to detail has culminated in a 100% VISA success rate, taking pride in managing every intricate aspect of the process. We ensure that your path to academic pursuit is free from any visa-related hurdles

Prospective students receive comprehensive briefings, down to the nuances of interacting with VISA officers and tips on making a positive impression during the interview. Dress code, documentation, and all the subtleties are addressed with thorough care—you’re not just prepared, you’re primed for success.

Indian Student happily fly to Philippines to study MBBS at UV Gullas College of India

Navigating your arrival with Exclusive Travel Coordination

We believe your focus should be on your studies, not the stress of travel arrangements. That’s why Visayas Education steps in to secure affordable group flights for our students, ensuring a smooth transit to the Philippines. Groups of 40 to 55 students benefit from reduced fares, fostering camaraderie from the onset of their medical education journey.

Our commitment extends beyond your arrival as a responsible member of our admissions team accompanies you. They provide guidance and insight from the moment you land in Mactan-Cebu International Airport, escorting you to the university’s doorstep. With travel and enrollment logistics deftly handled, you can embark on your academic adventure with UV Gullas College of Medicine with tranquility and focus.

UV GULLAS COllege of Medicine ADMISSIONS open for 2024

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UV Gullas College of Medicine has simplified the admission process for the ease of Indian students and parents! Also Our official UV Gullas admissions office in Chennai, India, will take care of your entire admission process!

Student reviewS of UV GULLAS COLLEGE OF MEDICINE CAmpus and Infrastructure


My entire family’s dream came true because of UV Gullas College of Medicine. My parents and I are proud that I get to study a truly world-class MBBS degree at such a reputed institution in Philippines!

– Third Year MD Student Review


At UV Gullas College of Medicine campus, I enjoy great facilities, international standards lab infrastructure and a global exposure at such an unbelievably affordable tuition fee structure!

First Year Student Review


Choosing UV Gullas College of Medicine: Excellence in Education & Practical Training

What Sets UV Gullas College of Medicine Apart in Educational Quality?

At UV Gullas College of Medicine, we believe in the power of high-caliber education. It’s not just about the number of students who enroll or graduate; it’s about delivering an educational experience that stands out in every dimension. With factors like faculty quality, research output, and student satisfaction at the forefront, we ensure that our graduates are equipped for success. Our consistent academic results speak to our commitment to educational excellence.

Considering the above Criteria UV Gullas campus has also been excelling with great results every year!

What is the fee structure for UV Gullas College of Medicine?

The fee structure at UV Gullas College of Medicine is designed to be transparent and affordable, ensuring that students can access quality medical education without financial burden. Tuition fees are competitively priced at 3.8 Lakhs per year and offer a variety of payment options to accommodate different budgetary needs. The college provides an option for part-payment plans, allowing students to pay their fees in installments. Additionally, the institution offers guidance on securing educational loans, making the dream of becoming a medical professional attainable for many. For detailed fee information and personalized payment solutions, prospective students are encouraged to contact the admissions office or visit the official UV Gullas website.

Why Is Practical-Driven Curriculum Important for Medical Students?

Understanding that theory must meet practice, UV Gullas College of Medicine integrates a practical-based curriculum. For every 15 students, there’s a dedicated cadaver for in-depth anatomical studies, ensuring that hands-on experience complements academic knowledge. But why is this important? It cultivates a level of expertise that only first-hand experience can provide, preparing students for real-world medical challenges.

How Does UV Gullas College of Medicine Prepare Students with On-the-Job Training?

Are you seeking a medical education that extends beyond textbooks? UV Gullas College of Medicine emphasizes on-the-job training, offering robust internships at our state-of-the-art Gullas Health Resort. As per the latest NMC guidelines, our hands-on training in the final year of the MD program is not just a requirement but a pivotal step in shaping a competent, confident medical professional ready to face the healthcare challenges of tomorrow.



The MBBS, BDS, MD degrees given by UV Gullas College of Medicine are recognized by all major international medical organizations of the world!

frequently asked Questions

Is MBBS Admission Open now for UV Gullas?

Yes. Admissions for 2024 MBBS batch are open now at UV Gullas College of Medicine. Contact UV Gullas authorized admissions office at +91 9445553877 right away to book your MBBS seat!

Is UV Gullas MCI recognized?

Yes! UV Gullas College of Medicine is recognized by National Medical Commission, formerly known as Medical Council of India (MCI). That is why 100s of Indian students join UV Gullas to study MBBS in Philippines every year!

Is UV Gullas College of Medicine world ranking?

Yes! UV Gullas College of Medicine world ranking is listed among the best medical colleges world rankings. This is also why UV Gullas is recognized by WHO, MCI, ECFMG, FAIMER, etc.

Is Philippines a safe country to study MBBS?

Of all the countries Indian students choose to study MBBS abroad, Philippines has turned out to be safest and the best option. Philippines is also a peaceful and pleasant country with friendly people who welcome and take care of Indian students well!

I want to join MBBS at UV Gullas. How do I start my admission process?

Simply call our UV Gullas college of medicine India admissions office at +91 9445553877 and get step-by-step assistance for your MBBS admission!

Does UV Gullas hostel provide healthy food in the campus?

Nutritiously made North-Indian and South-Indian food is also provided for Indian students studying at UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel and campus! Know more about UV Gullas hostel here >>

Is UV Gullas a good college to study MBB abroad?

UV Gullas College of Medicine is one of the top-3 best medical colleges in the Philippines. UV Gullas is known for its world-class facilities, high-quality MBBS curriculum and its student-centric support system.

Is NEET required for UV Gullas MBBS admissions?

Yes! NEET is compulsory for MBBS admission as per the rules of Indian government. However, if you have a minimum pass mark in NEET, UV Gullas College of Medicine will consider you for MBBS admissions.

Got more questions about UV Gullas College of Medicine?

Our trained Counsellors are always available to answer your questions and help you in every step of the way to get MBBS admission in UV Gullas College of Medicine. Call or send us a message in WhatsApp right away and get started with making your doctor dreams come true!