MBBS Abroad – Students comment why Best College in Philippines for Indians is UV Gullas College of Medicine

It is a dream for a lot of Indian families to want to see their children become doctors. This is because being a doctor is one of the most respectable professions in the world. IT sector, automobile sectors, and other industries can have their ups and downs all the time during recessions and economic slowdowns. But doctors are in the profession of saving lives. They are needed always.

That’s why the demand for MBBS seats is always high. India has a fewer number of medical seats (approximately 1,00,000) and 15,00,000 students approximately (as on 2019) competing for it every year. In this atmosphere, lots of dreams end up shattered. 

12th-grade students from Chennai – Preethi, Pradyuth, Krithik, Abirami – were in a similar predicament. They were all MBBS aspirants but were unable to fulfill their dreams for various reasons. 

Until they learned about UV Gullas College of Medicine in Philippines.

Watch them tell their heart-wrenching stories of how they realized to do MBBS abroad at UV Gullas College of Medicine and are on the way to pursue their dreams of becoming a doctor.

UV Gullas College of Medicine becomes a boon to Indian students because of various reasons.

Some of them are:

Most Affordable Medical Education:  

The Medical education in Philippines is generally cheaper than the MBBS education in other countries. This is because the cost of living in Philippines is much lower than Russia, China, Ukraine and Georgia. MBBS in Philippines thus works out to be cheaper yes qualitative.

Same Climatic Conditions as that of India:

The climatic conditions of Philippines and India are literally the same. This makes the disease patterns that occur in both the countries as almost the same. Hence, the Diagnosis and Treatment practiced while doing MBBS Abroad can directly applied in India when the students come back.

Better Practical Exposure:

Knowledge in MBBS is all about practice. The syllabus followed in Philippines is US Based. This implies that the course is more practical oriented than theoretical. This also becomes a huge confidence booster when it comes to a medical student and the practice.

Global Recognition among all premier Medical Bodies in the World:

American Medical Association, Medical Council of India. General Council of Medicine(Britain), Medical Council of Canada, Medical Board of California, The Medical Council of Thailand,

Tight Safety And Security Measures:

24 hour security and CCTV cameras with an in-campus hostel ensure that the students are completely safe and secure.

Dedicated Faculty:

Our Faculties are so dedicated that they are married to work. They care for our students and work hard towards creating doctors who wuold heal the world in an extra-ordinary manner.

Concentration on Extra-curricular Activities:

Accolades and Trophies ensure speaks volumes on how well rounded a development is given at UV Gullas College of Medicine, Cebu City, Philippines.

Strong Alumni:

40+ years of existence has ensured that eminent doctors have been created over the years. A Strong Alumni ensures that a strong backdrop exists for our students to lean on for advice and help as and when a requirement exists.

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