MBBS in Philippines

Study MBBS in Philippines

The Philippines serves as an economical choice for those pursuing medical education. Its medical schools provide an up-to-date curriculum and emphasize practical learning. The average costs for medical programs are notably affordable. Annually, numerous students from Japan, India, Thailand, the USA, Australia, and other countries flock to the Philippines to realize their aspirations of becoming doctors.

The scarcity of medical seats availability in India has led to the exploration of global education. Among all the countries Indian medical students choose to study MBBS abroad, study MBBS in Philippines programs have come out as the big winner over the years!

For those interested in Studying medical education in Philippines offers an affordable option. The Philippines’ medical schools provide the most cutting-edge curricula and a hands-on learning style. The average tuition costs for medical programmes are significantly lower. In addition every year, hundreds of students pursue their aspirations of becoming doctors by travelling to the Philippines from countries like Japan, India, Thailand, the USA, Australia, etc.

Finally 2024 batch of MBBS admissions to UV Gullas College of Medicine, the 3rd best medical college in Philippines, has started! For further more details call at +91 9445553877 right away to confirm your admission status for one of the most sought-after study MBBS abroad programs by Indian students!

Indian students and parents also have developed a huge trust in studying MBBS in Philippines. Let us see the various reasons why studying MBBS in Philippines is the best option for Indian students.

American based medical education

High quality practical based medical education

Affordable Tuition Fee Structure!

No Donation or Capitation Fee in Philippines!

Tropical Climate Similar to India!

More number of Indian Students studying at MBBS in Philippines

studying mBBS in Philippines is the best choice for Indian students!

Qualification requirements

Candidates with a minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology during their 12th standard can seek admission to medical colleges in the Philippines. Indian students must also meet the NEET eligibility criteria set by the NMC for the academic year to be admitted to an MBBS college in the Philippines.

Philippines is a pleasant & friendly country similar to India

Filipinos are friendly, outgoing people with a strong sense of humour. The country is listed among the world’s happiest nations in Gallup’s database. Also It is a wise decision to enroll in MBBS or other advanced education programmes in the Philippines. Colleges in the Philippines provide top-notch education in a variety of fields, including business, nursing, pharmacy, and medicine.

Philippines has tropical weather conditions that are similar to India. Students feel like it is almost like living in India. This helps them become accustomed to a foreign country easily. In addition they don’t get sick like the cold countries.

Indian students studying MBBS in the Philippines find it easier to focus on their studies better because of the mild and pleasant climate conditions there.

In addition Philippines is rated as a highly safe country with low crime rate. People of Philippines are friendly and easy-going. Moreover Indian MBBS students always feel welcomed at Philippines to study their dream MBBS degree!

3rd Largest English-speaking country in the world!

To study MBBS in the Philippines is that you don’t have to learn a new language! The Philippines is also the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world. Moreover Indian students applying for MBBS in the Philippines need not learn any new language.

All the classes will be in English and 99% of the population of the Philippines speak English. They also do not have to write any English language qualifying exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

Indian students can also communicate with and understand their teachers very easily and very clearly. Also, it’d be easy for them to communicate and move around on the campus and in the country! They won’t feel alienated like in other countries such as Russia, China, etc.


Philippines has Same Disease Patterns as in India

The tropical climate of the Philippines is also the same as in India. Therefore, the disease patterns learned in the Philippines and their treatment is also the same as in their home country.

This helps our Indian students who study MBBS in Philippines to be able to practice as a doctor in India with ease. Compared to Indian students who study MBBS abroad, students who study MBBS in Philippines are able to adapt to Indian patients and their patterns of illnesses, without any trouble!

The environment is also welcoming, and the country is very safe. Additionally, given that the Philippine medical schools are accredited by the National Medical Commission (NMC), graduates from such schools may continue their careers in India.

Indian Student happily fly to Philippines to study MBBS at UV Gullas College of India

Indian students get complete support from Philippines medical colleges!

Indian students studying MBBS in the Philippines get complete support from their universities. Also they have dedicated guidance counselors for Indian students with whom they can communicate at any time for their needs.

From their admission/application process to air travel and dedicated in-campus hostel accommodation for Indian students with Indian food, everything is taken care of the Philippines medical colleges such as UV Gullas College of Medicine!

Students are also drawn to the Philippines by its top educational facilities as well as its welcoming culture, improved employment prospects, higher pay scales, hostels, eating facilities, and convenient transportation.

UV GULLAS College of Medicine ADMISSION requirements

Admission Process made easy for Indian Students!

Documents Required

UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions has also been made easy for Indian students to apply with minimal documentation. For further more just call our UV Gullas Authorized admissions office at +91 9445553877 and we’ll take care of the rest!


10th, 12th Marksheet
Police Clearance
NEET Score Card
Six photos
Birth Certificate

Student Life of MBBS students in Philippines

The beautiful city of Cebu, Philippines forms the ideal environment and also for our students to relax and just focus on their studies.

Philippines student life is far better than anticipated. Also Students from many nations and backgrounds come together here for study. The nation extends a warm greeting for their wellbeing. For all of their needs, international students have access.

For students, the Philippines has long been a home away from home. The people are also welcoming, and the way of life is adaptive. The nation is seen as being highly inviting, safe, and kind. Visitors and international students from all over the world are drawn to this beloved location by its acceptance of diversity, other cultures, and cuisine. The nation’s lush environment and natural treasures are a sight to behold.

Indian medical students frequently choose to study in the Philippines. The best medical schools in the Philippines provide students with inexpensive, high-quality medical education.

Students have no trouble communicating because they are in an English-speaking country. The locals are kind to visitors, students, and individuals of various backgrounds. The Philippines continues to be a leader in providing top-notch education in a variety of subjects, including business, nursing, pharmacy, and many more fields.

In addition due to the ability of international students to modify their expenditure in accordance with their budget, student finances are relatively reasonable. Yup! Students can choose to rent a room for less than $50 per month or live on just $100 per month, which covers housing and food.

Here are some of the landmarks of Cebu City around UV Gullas College of Medicine Campus:

UV GULLAS COllege of Medicine ADMISSIONS open for 2024

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Student reviewS of UV GULLAS COLLEGE OF MEDICINE CAmpus & Infrastructure


My entire family’s dream came true because of UV Gullas College of Medicine. My parents & I are proud that I get to study a truly world-class MBBS degree at such a reputed institution in Philippines!

– Third Year MD Student Review


At UV Gullas College of Medicine campus, I enjoy great facilities, international standards lab infrastructure and a global exposure at such an unbelievably affordable tuition fee structure!

First Year Student Review


Why Indian students choose to study MBBS in Philippines?

High Caliber Education!

A university’s rank or worth is being measured by number of students enrolling every year and number of students qualifying the FMGExam or USMLExam.

Considering the above criteria, the best Philippines medical colleges such as UV Gullas has been excelling with great results every year!

Commitment to Practical-based curriculum!

In Philippines medical colleges, the Cadavers are provided in the ratio of 1: 15. So every 15 students gets their own cadaver. The amount of personal experience and exposure to Human tissues, nerves and epidermis are all being taught with real cadavers and not digitized at most medical colleges in Philippines.

On the Job Training!

The students, who are the future doctors, get to complete their Internships at Gullas Health Resort. At top medical colleges of Philippines such as UV Gullas College of Medicine, every student is given extensive exposure during the Internship. Internships are carried out in the Final Year of MD and along with additional one year to fulfil the NMC new guidelines.

frequently asked Questions

Is MBBS Admission Open now for UV Gullas?

Yes. Admissions for 2024 MBBS batch are open now at UV Gullas College of Medicine. Contact UV Gullas authorized admissions office at +91 9445553877 right away to book your MBBS seat!

Is UV Gullas (NMC) MCI recognized?

Yes! UV Gullas College of Medicine is recognized by National Medical Commission, formerly known as Medical Council of India (MCI). That is why 100s of Indian students join UV Gullas to study MBBS in Philippines every year!

Is UV Gullas College of Medicine world ranking?

Yes! UV Gullas College of Medicine world ranking is listed among the best medical colleges world rankings. This is also why UV Gullas is recognized by WHO, NMC (MCI), ECFMG, FAIMER, etc.

Is Philippines a safe country to study MBBS?

Of all the countries Indian students choose to study MBBS abroad, Philippines has turned out to be safest and the best option. Philippines is a peaceful & pleasant country with friendly people who welcome and take care of Indian students well!

I want to join MBBS at UV Gullas. How do I start my admission process?

Simply call our UV Gullas college of medicine India admissions office at +91 9445553877 and get step-by-step assistance for your MBBS admission!

Does UV Gullas hostel provide healthy food in the campus?

Nutritiously made North-Indian & South-Indian food is provided for Indian students studying at UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel and campus! Know more about UV Gullas hostel here >>

Is UV Gullas a good college to study MBB abroad?

UV Gullas College of Medicine is one of the top-3 best medical colleges in the Philippines. UV Gullas is known for its world-class facilities, high-quality MBBS curriculum and its student-centric support system.

Is NEET required for UV Gullas MBBS admissions?

Yes! NEET is compulsory for MBBS admission as per the rules of Indian government. However, if you have a minimum pass mark in NEET, UV Gullas College of Medicine will consider you for MBBS admissions.

Got more questions about UV Gullas College of Medicine?

Our trained Counsellors are always available to answer your questions and help you in every step of the way to get MBBS admission in UV Gullas College of Medicine. Call or send us a message in WhatsApp right away and get started with making your doctor dreams come true!