Hostel & Food for Indian Students

UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel Facilities

UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel Facility is available within the University campus! also Separate hostels are provided for boys and girls by the UV Gullas Hostel so that students can be comfortable.

Furthermore UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel is managed by Visayas Education is Called “Where 88 Lives”. Moreover In the Philippines tradition, the number 88 means Luck and goodness.

Separate Hostels only for Indian students!

24/7 assistance with Indian hostel in-charge!

Spacious, fully Air-conditioned and comfy rooms

Indian Food for Indian Students at UV Gullas Hostel

Large open spaces near hostel (for lounging and studying)

100mbps Wi-Fi with 2 extra access points in each floor!

UV GUllas COllege of Medicine HOSTEL


Indian Food for Indian students!

The hostel mess is being maintained by a qualified Indian Chef who has the ability to cater 750 to 1000 students at a time. The management is also concerned about the quality of food and makes sure that the taste of good is not compromised.

The students are served with balanced nutritious food (Indian Food). Breakfast usually goes like idly, dosa, poori, sambar, chutney along with one fruit variety (apple, banana or orange).

For Lunch: it is a variety of rice along with Roti and vegetable along with side dish papad.

Also Non-veg one dish will be served for dinner.

People who eat rice can opt for rice; those who are diet oriented can go for chapati or tiffin varieties. There are a number of Indian restaurants which are located around the university like Bollywood Tandoor, Chillies, Spice of Indian, etc.


Safety and Security at UV Gullas Hostel

Furthermore Students sent by Visayas Educations have a special hostel inside the UV Gullas College of Medicine campus.

Though UV Gullas have lots of international students, this hostel is only for Indian Students from Visayas Education!

UV Gullas Hostel has 24/7 all-time assistance with our personal in-charge from Visayas Education, Sir Rajaram. He stays in the hostel and looks after every need of the students, both in hostel and in college. He coordinates with the cleaning and maintenance team to keep the students’ room clean and tidy.

Moreover the Hostel is well-guarded with 3 check-post of guards with 2 different shifts (day and night). The guards also make sure the students reach their room in time and make sure they are safe when going out. IN addition the Students of Visayas Education are provided with special permissions for outdoor visits and staying with parents when they visit them!


Fully Air-conditioned Hostel Rooms

Each and every room is provided with Air-Conditioner and attached washroom/restroom.

Students also get Personal Cabinets with Lock and key to keep their personals safe.

The hostel rooms are also powered by separate transformers and generators. So, there is no shortage of Power or Water.

UV Gullas Hostel of Visayas Education is also provided with 100mbps Wifi on each floor with 2 extra access points for High Speed Internet. The Indian food provided at the mess is literally within 25 feet (we did measure!) from the Hostel!

UV Gullas Hostel also provides Purified RO water through Electric Dispenser which are stationed at every floors. In addition Door pickup Laundry service is also provided so that students can enjoy their free time on Sundays!


UV Gullas Hostel and Food expenses come at an affordable cost!

Moreover UV Gullas Hostel provides with Comfortable rooms of 2,4, 10 sharing beds (room varies in size). Moreover the maintenance team works 6.5 days a week to make sure the rooms are comfortable and clean!

Finally at just Rs. 3.15 lakhs/year, UV Gullas College of Medicine provides the most affordable fee structure to study MBBS at an MCI recognized, world-ranking medical college in Philippines!

The food and accommodation expenses are also low in UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel for the kind of high-quality services they provide!

The total expenses would be almost equal to or even less than what you would spend in a private medical college in India! At UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel, you get to enjoy a first-class living experience at an affordable cost!



My entire family’s dream came true because of UV Gullas College of Medicine. My parents and I also proud that I get to study a truly world-class MBBS degree at such a reputed institution in Philippines!

– Third Year MD Student Review


At UV Gullas College of Medicine campus, I enjoy great facilities, international standards lab infrastructure and a global exposure at such an unbelievably affordable tuition fee structure!

First Year Student Review


Why Indian students choose UV Gullas to Study MBBS abroad!

UV Gullas is MCI approved with high World Ranking!

Indian students and their parents also completely trust UV Gullas College of Medicine because UV Gullas is recognized by MCI with a high world ranking.

University of Visayas – 100-year-old University!

University Of Visayas a 100+ years legacy of providing excellence in the field of education and research! Started in 1919, University of Visayas is one of the reputed universities in South Asia!

More about University of Visayas >>: Hostel & Food for Indian Students

1000-bed hospital for clinical training within the campus!

UV Gullas College of Medicine comes with a 1000 bed hospital that gives our students extensive clinical training and practice!

UV Gullas College of Medicine Infrastructure >>: Hostel & Food for Indian Students

How to Apply to UV Gullas College of Medicine?

Admission Process

UV Gullas College of Medicine has simplified the admission process for the ease of Indian students and parents! Finally Our official UV Gullas admissions office in Chennai, India, will take care of your entire admission process!

Fee Structure

UV Gullas College of Medicine Fee Structure is one of the most affordable MBBS fee structure available to Indian students! Finally Get a world-class MBBS degree at just Rs. 3.15 lakhs/year!

Flying to UV Gullas!

Finally Our official UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions office in India will take care of your travel arrangements including VISA processing and getting cheap flight tickets to Philippines!



The MBBS, BDS, MD degrees given by UV Gullas College of Medicine are recognized by all major international medical organizations of the world!

frequently asked Questions

Is MBBS Admission Open now for UV Gullas?

Yes. Admissions for 2024 MBBS batch are open now at UV Gullas College of Medicine. Contact UV Gullas authorized admissions office at +91 9445553877 right away to book your MBBS seat!

Is UV Gullas MCI recognized?

Yes! UV Gullas College of Medicine is recognized by National Medical Commission, formerly known as Medical Council of India (MCI). That is why 100s of Indian students join UV Gullas to study MBBS in Philippines every year!

Is UV Gullas College of Medicine world ranking?

Yes! UV Gullas College of Medicine world ranking is listed among the best medical colleges world rankings. This is also why UV Gullas is recognized by WHO, MCI, ECFMG, FAIMER, etc.

Is Philippines a safe country to study MBBS?

Of all the countries Indian students choose to study MBBS abroad, Philippines has turned out to be safest and the best option. Philippines is a peaceful and pleasant country with friendly people who welcome and take care of Indian students well!

I want to join MBBS at UV Gullas. How do I start my admission process?

Simply call our UV Gullas college of medicine India admissions office at +91 9445553877 and get step-by-step assistance for your MBBS admission!

Does UV Gullas hostel provide healthy food in the campus?

Nutritiously made North-Indian and South-Indian food is provided for Indian students studying at UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel and campus! Know more about UV Gullas hostel here >>

Is UV Gullas a good college to study MBB abroad?

UV Gullas College of Medicine is one of the top-3 best medical colleges in the Philippines. UV Gullas is known for its world-class facilities, high-quality MBBS curriculum and its student-centric support system.

Is NEET required for UV Gullas MBBS admissions?

Yes! NEET is compulsory for MBBS admission as per the rules of Indian government. However, if you have a minimum pass mark in NEET, UV Gullas College of Medicine will consider you for MBBS admissions.

Got more questions about UV Gullas College of Medicine?

Our trained Counsellors are always available to answer your questions and help you in every step of the way to get MBBS admission in UV Gullas College of Medicine. Call or send us a message in WhatsApp right away and get started with making your doctor dreams come true!