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MCI Screening Tests of the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Exam) and NEET PG (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test)

NEET PG is a filteration program implemented by the MCI now also called the NMC for MBBS aspirants looking forward to further their studies in Medicine. The number of colleges/Institutes participating in NEET PG is expected to be around 114 as on 2020. But, the scores of NEET PG are widely accepted and thus the total number of colleges accepting the scores of NEET PG will differ. As of this date, NEET PG will be conducted only once in a year. If there is any change in the format or frequency of the examination. Not all institutes consider NEET PG [...]

NTA – National Testing Agency and its Role in NEET

NTA (National Test Agency) – What is National testing Agency (NTA) and how does it work? National Testing Agency creation was approved by the Union Cabinet under the chairmanship of PMO India. The NTA has being registered as an autonomous testing organization. It conducts entrance exams for higher educational institutions. National Testing Agency (NTA) has been established as a premier, specialist, autonomous and self-sustained testing organization to conduct entrance examinations for admission/fellowship in higher educational institutions. The undergraduate NEET (UG), for MBBS and BDS courses, is currently conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA), which provides the results to the Directorate General of Health Services at the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. About NEET NEET examination [...]

UV Gullas College of Medicine, Top Best Medical College of Philippines – A Sneek Peak into the Past

UV Gullas College of Medicine has been one of the stalwarts of Philippines for the past 40 years under the University of Visayas. Late Don Vicente A. Gullas and his wife Ms. Dona Josefina Gullas were the prominent couple and prime reason creation of this institution and the University. University of the Visayas The Visayas Institute was created in 1919. It saw the second world war and even though it got razed, Don Vicente reopened the Visayas Institute in 1946. In 1948, the Visayas Institute formally was awarded the University status. In Cebu, Philippines, [...]

UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel, Food and Safety for International Students

UV Gullas College of Medicine Hostel is one of the biggest advantages of UV Gullas College of Medicine Campus. For most Indian students studying MBBS abroad, most of the MBBS abroad colleges don’t provide in-campus accommodation/ hostel facilities. Students have to stay outside the campus in rented accommodations, and this is a common trend especially in Russia, Georgia, China and Ukraine. Issues faced while doing MBBS Abroad Issues faced while doing MBBS Abroad that the students face tend to be : Travelling from their place of stay to the college which takes quite a lot of time. This happens as they [...]

MBBS Abroad – Students comment why Best College in Philippines for Indians is UV Gullas College of Medicine

It is a dream for a lot of Indian families to want to see their children become doctors. This is because being a doctor is one of the most respectable professions in the world. IT sector, automobile sectors, and other industries can have their ups and downs all the time during recessions and economic slowdowns. But doctors are in the profession of saving lives. They are needed always. That’s why the demand for MBBS seats is always high. India has a fewer number of medical seats (approximately 1,00,000) and 15,00,000 students approximately (as on 2019) competing for it every [...]


Internships during the MBBS Abroad program is a key factor in deciding the fate of the student long into their future.  Internships are where they learn the practical functioning of hospitals, psychological factors in treating patients, in-depth view of operational workflows and streamlining of systems in a hospital facility.  UV Gullas College of Medicine has an in-campus hospital with 150 bed capacity for our students to practice, and is also tied up with hospitals in and around the sector to have a 7,000 bed practice. Internships involving MBBS in Philippines is generally considered to provide students with a higher level [...]

MBBS abroad admission process shared by MBBS students

MBBS Abroad admissions process can be complicated and frustrating for Indian students. With MBBS Abroad courses, there are more factors to be considered. Students get many kinds of doubts and dilemmas. It is important to dispel any misconceptions and fears to make good decisions. Moreover, it is imperative to know to make good decisions, as they will save human lives in the future. What are the important factors to be considered while choosing to study MBBS abroad option? Which country to select? - Safety, security, affordability & living conditions, climate so that you have the same disease spectrum and you [...]

UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions Office and Admissions process

UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions Office and the Admissions Process UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions Office, Vadapalani, Chennai, helps processing the admissions of the Indian students who are looking at doing MBBS in Philippines. Indian students who plan to study MBBS abroad have to face the nightmare of admission process to foreign universities. It is a really frustrating process that involves getting all the requisite forms, applying to the college with all the requisite forms, apply for the visa process with all the medical tests and other forms intact. Any small mistake in the process might to lead [...]

UV Gullas College of Medicine Student Experience about MBBS in Philippines

Our student Ms Preethi had taken admission through UV Gullas College of Medicine Authorized Admission Office in Vadapalani, Chennai. She has penned her experiences of how her dreams blossomed after she decided to pursue MBBS in Philippines in 2018. UV Gullas College of Medicine Authorized Admission Office Staff in Vadapalani, Chennai sat in front of my parents and me with a sweet smile and kind eyes as we confided our concerns, worries, scare and frights. My name is Preethi and I was scared like my parents. Hailing from a middle class family, Passenger seats in train was what we were used to. [...]

MBBS in Philippines and MCI screening test NEXT – National Exit Test

MBBS in Philippines, MCI and Admissions Becoming a doctor is a dream for many - MBBS in Philippines does just that. Also, heavily populated countries like India need more doctors, hence, the need to MBBS abroad. MBBS in India is very costly and the options are less due to NEET and heavy capitation fees. That’s why people choose to do MBBS abroad. Options are to do MBBS in Philippines, Georgia, China, Ukraine & Russia. In all these countries, the Philippines has proved to be the most reliable country to do MBBS for Indian students. Medical graduates from  Philippines have proved [...]