Advantages of UV Gullas College of Medicine in the Philippines for Indians

Advantages of UV Gullas College of Medicine in the Philippines for Indians

The Fees Structure, Climate and Advantages of UV Gullas College of Medicine in the Philippines for Indian Students, Unveiling the Right Medical Destination


Indian students aspiring to pursue MBBS overseas must consider and adhere to the criteria set by the NMC (National Medical Commission)

  1. The instructional medium must be English.
  2. The medical curriculum should span 54 months of education.
  3. The selected college for study must be affiliated with a hospital, and upon completion of the 54-month program, students are required to undertake a 12-month internship within the same hospital.
  4. Subsequent to the aforementioned steps, aspirants are mandated to return to India and successfully pass the NEXT exam.
  5. Upon qualifying the NEXT exam, candidates are obligated to undergo an additional 12-month internship in Indian hospitals.
  6. The host country where the student pursues education should grant a license for medical practice.
  7. The entire process, from the commencement of education to completing the internships, must be concluded within a span of 10 years.
  8. The 54 months of educational coursework must be completed at a single university, and any transfers are strictly prohibited.


Embarking on a medical education journey is a crucial decision, and selecting the right destination is paramount for Indian students seeking a conducive learning environment. UV Gullas College of Medicine, with its esteemed partnerships, offers medical education opportunities in various countries. In this blog, we will explore the climatic conditions and fees structures of UV Gullas College of Medicine’s partner universities in Russia, Georgia, China, Kazakhstan, and highlight why the Philippines is the superior choice for Indian students.


Russian winters are notorious for their harshness, and the extreme cold temperatures may pose challenges for Indian students unaccustomed to such climates. The cultural experience is undoubtedly enriching, but the weather conditions may not be conducive to a comfortable and focused academic experience. Additionally, while the cost of living and tuition fees in Russia might sound to be reasonable but the truth of tuition fee, hostel and food, Transport to university and Examination fee may be Humongous when compared to details given in paper, the potential discomfort caused by the climate might outweigh the financial benefits for Indian students.


While Georgia offers a moderate climate, Georgian universities may still present challenges for Indian students. The unfamiliarity with the local culture and language may hinder the integration process. The people are language patriotic and never try to even speak in ENGLISH which makes a largely English spoken citizens like Indians to live their life without peace. Despite the reasonable cost of living in Georgia, the cultural differences and climate may not be as accommodating for Indian students as other options.


China’s diverse climate, cultural differences, and language barriers might pose challenges for Indian students pursuing medical education through in the Universities. While the cost of living and tuition fees are reasonable, the Food habit and Medical education is not even at par to Philippines Medical Education, overall experience may not be as seamless for Indian students as in the Philippines.


Kazakhstan’s continental climate, featuring cold winters and hot summers, may not be the most suitable choice for Indian students. The extreme weather conditions could impact the overall comfort and focus on studies. Although the cost of living is generally lower, the climate and potential language barriers may outweigh the financial advantages for Indian students. Most Important of all the Quality of Education can be Judged by the Qualifying ratio of FMGE (Foreign medical Graduate Exams) and Unluckily there isn’t any record to look for Kazakhstan.

Why Philippines Stands Out:

The Philippines emerges as the ideal destination for Indian students pursuing medical education through UV Gullas College of Medicine. The tropical climate offers a comfortable environment, eliminating the challenges posed by extreme temperatures which is 99% similar to Indian climates. The cost of living in the Philippines is affordable, and UV Gullas College of Medicine provides competitive tuition fees, ensuring excellent value for Indian students.

Moreover, English is widely spoken in the Philippines, 3rd largest English speaking country easing communication and integration into the local community. The cultural compatibility, coupled with the favourable tropical climate, makes the Philippines the superior choice for Indian students seeking a smooth and enriching medical education experience through UV Gullas College of Medicine. Food cannot be a Complaint for Philippines as they are one of the top largest producers of Rice and they have similar diet habit to India. The university students are served with 3 meals a day and comforted with both Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian. Throughout the date from when FMGE was implemented the toppers and distinctions are all from Philippines. Future Doctors Philippines clear FMGE with Ease as a cake walk.


When making decisions about medical education abroad, Indian students must consider various factors. While UV Gullas College of Medicine, Cebu City, Philippines becomes the Epicentre for all your questions.The Philippines stands out as the best choice for Indian students, offering a tropical climate, cost advantages, and cultural compatibility. Choosing the Philippines ensures a comfortable and focused learning experience for Indian students pursuing their medical dreams.


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