MBBS in Philippines

Medical Education in India

Medical Education in India Medical Education in India is one of the largest in the world. Medical colleges in India have rapidly proliferated in the past 25 years, doubling since 1980 for a current total of 542, each associated with university, producing 52565 MBBS doctors each year. Medical education in general today, is facing problems and challenges for quality education in the countries. Medical education in India produce the largest number of doctors than anywhere else in the world (52,565 from 542 medical schools), corresponding to the rapid proliferation of medical colleges in the last two [...]

Philippines MBBS

PHILIPPINES MBBS Philippines MBBS as a blog evaluates the medical education in Philippines and the benefits of studying in Philippines. Nowadays, Philippines MBBS is an idea that is fast catching up and capturing the imagination of the International Medical students and the parents alike across the world. MBBS in Philippines is now a best destination for Indian students to study medicine. More about Philippines MBBS More than 12,000 students come from foreign countries like USA, UK, Germany, Ukraine & India to study MBBS in Philippines. Almost, all top NMC & WHO approved Philippines medical colleges in Philippines follows US education [...]

UV Gullas College of Medicine and the perspectives of medical communities across the World

UV Gullas College of Medicine and the perspectives of medical communities across the World UV Gullas College of Medicine and the Covid-19 Pandemic The perspectives of medical communities fighting the covid -19 pandemic and the future that Medical Students are stepping into. MANDANAU, CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES, June 2, 2020 /-- UV Gullas College of Medicine, based out of Cebu City, Philippines believes that holistic teaching of a student the way forward especially given the current Covid-19 panedmic. The UV Gullas College of Medicine Syllabus for the MD course followed though is American, there are a lot of frontiers that need an [...]

MBBS in Philippines in UV Gullas Medical College

MBBS in Philippines in UV Gullas Medical College MBBS in Philippines in UV Gullas Medical College is unqiue because our doctors aho teach our students are practicing doctors and this helps in the students getting a hands-on approach towards anything to learn from te medical field. The UV Gullas Medical College has been on the forefront as a thought leader for its UV Gullas Medical College International Students. This has been achieved by UV Gullas Medical College helping the UV Gullas Medical College International students and its local students too. These students who are doing MBBS in Philippines in [...]

MBBS in Philippines Admissions Open 2021

MBBS in Philippines Admissions open 2021 MBBS in Philippines Admissions open 2021 is considered today as an apt choice. The reason being that, Philippines is one of the most docile countries in the world and hence doing MBBS abroad, as in, MBBS in Philippines is considered as the best choice, and hence, choosing to know more about MBBS in Philippines admissions open 2021 is good. Situated in the western Pacific Ocean, it consists of about 7,641 islands that are broadly categorized under three main geographical divisions from north to south: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The capital city of the [...]

Covid-19 pandemic

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - A Background Covid-19 is a new (novel) coronavirus which was identified in China in late December 2019, causing severe respiratory disease including pneumonia. The Covid-19 was originally named Novel Coronavirus and The World Health Organization (WHO) advised the following language associated with the virus. The virus causing the infection has been named - severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The disease caused as a result of infection is named - coronavirus disease (COVID-19). COVID-19 has been categorised as an airborne High Consequence Infections Disease. SARS-CoV-2 is spreading between people globally and can be seen on [...]

MBBS abroad admission process shared by MBBS students

MBBS Abroad admissions process can be complicated and frustrating for Indian students. With MBBS Abroad courses, there are more factors to be considered. Students get many kinds of doubts and dilemmas. It is important to dispel any misconceptions and fears to make good decisions. Moreover, it is imperative to know to make good decisions, as they will save human lives in the future. What are the important factors to be considered while choosing to study MBBS abroad option? Which country to select? - Safety, security, affordability & living conditions, climate so that you have the same disease spectrum and you [...]

MBBS in Philippines and MCI screening test NEXT – National Exit Test

MBBS in Philippines, MCI and Admissions Becoming a doctor is a dream for many - MBBS in Philippines does just that. Also, heavily populated countries like India need more doctors, hence, the need to MBBS abroad. MBBS in India is very costly and the options are less due to NEET and heavy capitation fees. That’s why people choose to do MBBS abroad. Options are to do MBBS in Philippines, Georgia, China, Ukraine & Russia. In all these countries, the Philippines has proved to be the most reliable country to do MBBS for Indian students. Medical graduates from  Philippines have [...]

UV Gullas College of Medicine – MBBS Indian students

UV Gullas College of Medicine Last to last year batch of Indian students starting their MBBS journey  UV Gullas College of Medicine has proved to become a destination where one wants to pursue world class Medical Syllabus at an affordable cost. The Gullas College of Medicine follows the Medical Syllabus of Philippines which is the same Medical Syllabus of USA. The advantage of studying in a third world country is the affordability while getting the cream of the syllabus to learn from. As a wise saying goes, “All our dreams come true if we have courage to pursue" Hence, the [...]

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