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UV Gullas College of Medicine Ranking The UV Gullas College of Medicine Ranking came into prominence based on the Best Philippines Medical College Ranking lists listed in the wikipedia. The UV Gullas College of Medicine Ranking has come into existence because it was named as one of the top ranking Medical Colleges in Philippines and is affiliated to the a 100 year old University called the University of the Visayas. The University of the Visayas comes under Best World ranked Universities too making UV Gullas College of Medicine Ranking also higher. Based in Cebu, Medicine in Cebu is also [...]


Internships during the MBBS Abroad program is a key factor in deciding the fate of the student long into their future.  Internships are where they learn the practical functioning of hospitals, psychological factors in treating patients, in-depth view of operational workflows and streamlining of systems in a hospital facility.  UV Gullas College of Medicine has an in-campus hospital with 150 bed capacity for our students to practice, and is also tied up with hospitals in and around the sector to have a 7,000 bed practice. Internships involving MBBS in Philippines is generally considered to provide students with a higher level [...]

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