University of the Visayas

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University of the Visayas

In a sentence, the University of the Visayas has transformed from just being an study center to one of the leading educational hubs of South Asia with a 100 year legacy of excellence to its credit.

University of the Visayas has a great heritage of 100 years, currently with eight campuses and a province-wide system composed of both higher education programs and several lower-level laboratory schools. UV Gullas College of Medicine is part of the University of Visayas along with other medical-related services of the university namely Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital, Gullas College of Medicine, UV College of Nursing, Gullas College of Dentistry, Tan Kim Ching Cancer Centre, an upcoming Cosmetic Surgery Centre, and other health-related courses. The campus in Punta Engano, Lapulapu City, has a port for the Maritime College’s practical training at sea.

Started in 1919, the University of the Visayas has since become one of the important educational, academic and research hub of South Asia. University of the Visayas is committed to a practical approach to learning, empowering students with state of the art technologies and global standards of research. Over the years Philippines Medical Colleges have become preferred destinations to study MBBS abroad because of being an English Speaking nation, commitment to quality, and constant support to students. The diversity of students present on the University of the Visayas Campus from all over the world, makes your educational journey, a truly global experience. The University of the Visayas can safely boast of a total of 35,000 students approximately from across the Globe and from the Philippines studying in its colleges.

The UV Gullas Medical College itself stands testimony to the Global Experience because of the diversity present on the UV Gullas Campus. The UV Gullas Hostels present in the UV Gullas Campus also stands witness to the Medical entourage. On the UV Gullas Campus, there are exclusive UV Gullas Hostels for boys and girls. The students who come onto the campus to study, currently come from 16 nations. The students day celebrated on Feb 14th, 2020 stands testimony to that fact. We do not have political divide, neither do we have discrimination between anybody in name of color, caste, creed or origin. The UV Gullas Campus firmly stands for equal opportunity for everyone and believes in serving humanity with love – Amor, Servitium, Humanitas.

The UV Gullas College of Medicine believes firmly in creating “Doctors with a Heart”.

So let us join hands, to change the world, together.

Over 35,000 students are studying in University of Visayas.

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