NEET 2020 the Exam pattern

NEET 2020 Exam pattern is one of the key factors that will help you to crack the exam.

Why is it necessary to know the pattern and the syllabus? Or is the NEET 2020, so competitive?

This year there are 15,43,952 candidates who have applied for NEET 2020. The total number of seats available are just 76,928. That is statistically, a mere 5% of the students including those who will get the management seats, will get to be in the path of being a doctor from 2020. So yes, it is mandatory to know all the nuances to ensure victory is yours. Below is the NEET 2020 syllabus and the most probably NEET 2020 exam pattern for your perusal. Please have a careful check-through to ensure that you hit the mark and become a doctor.

Paper Pattern of NEET 2020

The exam includes questions from Physics, Chemistry and Biology curriculum of class XI and XII. Both Physics and Chemistry have 45 questions each. Biology has 90 questions divided equally among Botany and Zoology.

SubjectsNo. of QuestionsMaximum Marks
Biology  (Botany + Zoology )90 (45 + 45)360 (180 + 180)
Total180 Questions720 Marks

Scheme of marks in NEET 2020

  • It is alright to skip questions if you don’t know the answer.
  • Negative marking for skipping a question doesn’t exist.
  • Once an answer is marked, it is not possible to change it.
  • And it is not mandatory to attempt all questions.
  • A correct answer fetches 4 marks and an incorrect answer will cost you 1 mark.
  • Multiple answers will be considered as incorrect response and will be negatively marked.

NEET 2020 papers and their pattern examination

NEET 2020 for Physics

  • Electrodynamics can have almost 9-10 questions.
  • One of the most important topic having maximum weightage is Mechanics.
  • Most of the questions involve lengthy calculations.
  • So, it is necessary to remember all the formulas.

Pro Tip – Go through the ‘Points to Ponder’ section at the end of each chapter in Physics and the examples given in NCERT Books for better understanding.

NEET 2020 for Chemistry

  • A load of questions came from the class XII syllabus for NEET 2019.
  • Application based questions have also increased in number.
  • Organic Chemistry has gained prominence than Inorganic Chemistry, so 16-17 questions from Organic Chemistry is a possibility.
  • Combination questions are formed taking two different concepts together.

Pro Tip – Attention needs to be paid to the Chemical Bonding and Coordination Compounds. They will consume a lot of time and will have a lot of weightage. Go through the NCERT books of class 11 and 12.

NEET 2020 for Biology

  • Botany and Zoology comprising of 45 questions each will be present.
  • Almost 46 out of 90 questions werwe from the class XII syllabus in NEET 2019.
  • NCERT syllabus is where the Maximum questions are asked from. Hence, the students should spend more time on NCERT, instead of reference books.

Pro Tip – Human Physiology has the highest weightage. Genetics too has been a favorite of NEET over the years, and along with Human Physiology, they both cover almost 30 questions in the Biology section.

A detailed syllabus and topics for NEET 2020


Physics of Class 11thPhysics of Class 12th
Sr. No.TopicsSr. No.Topics
1Physical world and measurement1Electrostatics
2Kinematics2Current Electricity
3Laws of Motion3Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
4Work, Energy and Power4Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
5Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body5Electromagnetic Waves
7Properties of Bulk Matter7Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
8Thermodynamics8Atoms and Nuclei
9Behaviour of Perfect Gas and Kinetic Theory9Electronic Devices
10Oscillations and Waves


Chemistry of Class 11thChemistry of Class 12th
Sr. No.TopicsSr. No.Topics
1Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry1Solid State
2Structure of Atom2Solutions
3Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties3Electrochemistry
4Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure4Chemical Kinetics
5States of Matter: Gases and Liquids5Surface Chemistry
6Thermodynamics6General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements
7Equilibrium7p-Block Elements
8Redox Reactions8d and f Block Elements
9Hydrogen9Coordination Compounds
10s-Block Element (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals)10Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
11Some p-Block Elements11Alcohols, Phenols, and Ethers
12Organic Chemistry – Some Basic Principles and Techniques12Aldehydes, Ketones, amd Carboxylic Acid
13Hydrocarbons13Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
14Environmental Chemistry14Biomolecules
16Chemistry in Everday Life


Biology of Class 11thBiology of Class 12th
Sr. No.TopicsSr. No.Topics
1Diversity in Living World1Reproduction
2Structural Organization in Animals and Plants2Genetics and Evolution
3Cell Structure and Function3Biology and Human Welfare
4Plant Physiology4Biotechnology and Its Applications
5Human Physiology5Ecology and environment

Most Important Topics in Physics for NEET

There are 6 topics that make up for a major part of the Physics paper. The students can expect both theoretical as well application-based questions from these topics.

ElectrodynamicsWave OpticsSemi-Conductors
Modern PhysicsRigid Body DynamicsKTG & Thermodynamics

Most Important Topics in Chemistry for NEET

Questions from Class XII syllabus have increased for Chemistry and Organic Chemistry has gained more prominence over Inorganic Chemistry. Before appearing for NEET 2020, these topics have to be covered thoroughly.

Chemical BondingCoordination Compounds
Carbonyl CompoundsOrganic Chemistry- I

Most Important Topics in Biology for NEET

Most of the questions for Biology are asked from NCERT. The table given below also includes topics from both, Botany and Zoology.

Plant AnatomyPollinationDNA ReplicationPhotosynthesis
PAGE TheoryEndocrine SystemExcretory and Nervous SystemDigestive System

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