Georgia is one of the famous places to pursue a career in MBBS for an International Medical Student. It is the most preferred destination for all the aspiring International medical students. Every year, over 10,000 Indian Medical students enroll themselves in foreign Medical Colleges to pursue MBBS abroad. That number is growing each year. This is due to the increasing competition within India and the limited number of seats available here. Moreover the low cost of international medical education in some countries like particularly in Georgia. Among the various countries, MBBS from Georgia is emerging as one of the top choices for Indian students.

MBBS Medical universities in GEORGIA provide the best facilities for all the medical students and also allows who hasn’t passed the test of 2 languages (IELTS + TOEFL). The country is very much liberating in these cases. MEDICAL EDUCATION IN GEORGIA is a platform where medical students can ensure themselves to get a high-paying job in some top medical farms and hospitals throughout the whole world.

Aspiring International Medical Students who want to study MBBS IN GEORGIA and also have 50% marks can apply for the Scholarship. Among 35 European Medical universities, Georgia provides facilities over almost 15 universities, which are recommended by 3 leading medical council, namely (WHO + UNESCO & MCI). MBBS in GEORGIA for Indian students from CBSE and ICSE boards is also available. The duration of the course will be 5 years, and in addition to that, MBBS in GEORGIA also gives opportunity for 1 year of internship.

MBBS fees in Georgia for this duration is very much affordable and cheaper than other international universities. MBBS Admissions in GEORGIA will open up an ocean of opportunities for the aspiring medical students and help them to build a bright future.

Georgia has maintained good relations with its neighbors and is a member of the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the World Trade Organization, the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the Community of Democratic Choice, the GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development, and the Asian Development Bank.

Medical Education In Georgia

Georgia has become a hot destination for students from around the world who want to pursue MBBS abroad.

The medical universities of Georgia are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Medical Council of India(MCI).

The MBBS degree from the medical colleges of Georgia are globally accepted.

The students are allowed to participate in international conferences and seminars which helps them in gaining more knowledge and experience.

The students in Georgia get sufficient discounts on travel within the country.

The top medical colleges of Georgia offer world class education with high outstanding staff.

The cost of the complete course of MBBS in Georgia very low compared to other countries.

The MBBS and MD degrees from medical colleges in Georgia are acknowledged by international bodies like World Health Organization and UNESCO.

Students pursuing MBBS in Georgia are given chance to get an internship in some of the best multinational companies of the world within the country itself.

No entrance test is required for admission which makes the admission process easier.(The International Medical Students will have to fulfill the requirements of their respective governments before taking Medical Admission in Georgia)

Students are given opportunity to do the practical, experiments and clinical rounds to improve their skills in a better way.

The hospitals are well equipped with great infrastructure and technology.

The quality of accommodation is very good and comparable to other developed countries.

Studying MBBS in Europe and finally settling there is a dream for most of the International Medical students. MBBS fees in Georgia is comparatively low and the quality of education in Georgia is very high. That is why Georiga is becoming one of the famous destination for taking medical education in Europe. Many Indian students have started going to Georgia after 2011. This mainly happened due to the tension between Ukraine and Russia. Hence, studying MBBS in Georgia is preferred by students over other countries.

Safe and Pleasant

As a developed country, Georgia offers a superior quality of life and has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Georgia is an extremely safe and female dominating country. There is no crime and MBBS students from India can travel in buses, trains or cabs without worries. The majority of the population of Georgia practice Christianity and are God loving. Georgian people are also very welcoming and accept religious and cultural diversities.

Affordable fees

Studying MBBS in Georgia is a much cheaper option as compared to the Medical Education in India especially among the Indian private medical schools. Indian medical schools also lack the practical experience. Hence, there is no point in paying huge donations to Indian medical schools.

Cost of living in Georgia is quite easy on pockets. The average food and living expenses are just around $250 per month i.e. Rs. 16000. Also, there is no donation to take admission in MBBS University in Georgia. So, Indian students can get best and cheap MBBS education from best universities in Georgia.

While the tuition fee does not exceed $8000 per year, the living cost hovers around $2500 per year. Together, the total cost of a complete MBBS course, including related expenses, will be much cheaper than what a donation-driven education system will cost in India for those who do not bag government seats.

World-class Education

Courses in Georgian universities cover both European and American systems of education. This makes it easier for graduates to practice in both geographies in the future. Universities in Georgia offer significantly better education as compared to private medical schools in India. The focus is put on to inherit practical skills in the student. The students also get access to the latest & modern medical equipment. The good universities in Georgia follow the quality guidelines of the World Heath Organization. Hence, studying from a top-rated MBBS University in Georgia ensures success in the medical career or the students.

Easy Admission for Medical Education in Georgia

No IELTS. No TOEFL. Admission is based on the score in Class 12thand the NEET exam (Optional) , essentially opening up the access to countless Indian students.

Unlike India, the procedure to take admission to pursue in medical education in Georgia is very easy. There are no special entrance exams. Students with 50% marks in PCB can also take admission to do MBBS in Georgia. The universities focus on skill building and as long as the International Medical students have a reasonable understanding and interest in the world of medicine, they will blend with the course very well.

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Georgia

  • The Medical Education in Georgia MBBS and MD degrees in Georgia are recognized by countries worldwide.
    • Georgian hospitals have outstanding infrastructure and technology.
    • No entrance tests or language tests to qualify.
    • No donation. Incredibly low cost of education.
    • 100% approval rate for Indian student visa applications.
    • No upper limit on age for applicants.
    • Permanent residence process begins in the third year.
    • 2 admission seasons – one in February/March and another in September/October.
    • Option to move to Europe for pursuing post-graduation.
    • Separate gender-based hostel facilities available.


Unlike India, the procedure to take MBBS admission in Medical universities in Georgia is very easy. There are no special entrance exams. Students with 50% marks in PCB can also take admission in MBBS in Georgia. The universities focus on skill building and as long as the students have a reasonable understanding and interest in the world of medicine, they will blend with the course very well.

MBBS addmission process in Georgia

The procedure to get admission in Georgia is pretty simple. However, it is a time-consuming task, and hence, students are advised to apply as early as possible to ensure that the admission process completes on time. Here are step-by-step details regarding the admission.

Offer Letter: The student’s documents are sent over to the university. The university then checks the documents and issues a Provisional Admission Letter within 3-5 working days. Some universities also call it an Offer Letter. The offer letter lists the basic details about the course, including the duration, fees structure and any special conditions.

Skype Interview: The university will conduct a short 5-minute Skype interview to ensure that you can understand and speak basic English.

Ministry Approval: The student needs to pay Administrative Fees to the university. This fee is for getting the approval from Ministry of Education & Science (MES) and National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (NCEQE), Georgia wherein documents are translated, notarized and submitted to the ministry. The approval from ministry grants the student a right to study in Georgia. It takes approximately 15-20 days.

Visa Application: The university then issues an invitation letter on the basis of the order of Ministry of Education. Full visa application along with the invitation, payment of tuition fees & ministry order is then submitted with the Embassy of Georgia in India.

Visa Approval: It takes about 20 days for the Embassy to review the visa application and issue a 90-day student visa (D3 category).

Travel: The student can travel to Georgia after getting his/her visa and start studying in the chosen medical university in Georgia.

Visa Extension: To extend the duration of stay, the student makes an application to the MIA, Georgia which grants a Temporary Residence Certificate (TRC) allowing the students the right to stay post expiry of visa.

MCI Approved Medical Universities in Georgia

Medical Council of India (MCI) maintains a list of universities. Only students studying in these universities are eligible to take the MCI screening test. So, students are advised not to take admission for MBBS study in Georgia without checking the list on MCI website. Only the following universities in Georgia are approved by MCI of India for medical study abroad.

1 European University
2 Ivane Javakhashvili Tbilisi State University
3 “AIETI” Medical School
4 Akaki Tsereteli State University
5 Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University
6 David Agmashenebeli University of Georgia
7 New Vision University, Georgia
8 East European University
9 Georgian American University
10 Georgian National University

Hostel facility in Georgia

We, at Worlin Education Services, take our commitments with an extreme importance. So, we run our own hostel facility to provide a good experience to the Indian students who come to study MBBS, MD or BDS in Georgia. The hostels are built with an Indian mindset. Here are some of the salient features of our hostel facility in Georgia

  1. Separate building for girls and boys.
  2. 100% Indian food, cooked by Indian cooks.
  3. Vegetarian food, and special non-vegetarian arrangement for students who are non-vegetarian.
  4. WiFi connectivity across the building.
  5. Fixed timings to ensure that students come back to the hostel after completing their university classes.
  6. Located at a very short distance from the European University.

In the mean time, if you are a medical MBBS aspirant or you are know someone who is looking out to do medicine by joining MBBS, there is a possibility to be an International Medical Student by pursuing MBBS Abroad. By searching for different MBBS options through offers avenues that would help anybody and everybody who are looking at making a career in medicine and becoming a doctor. The Medical syllabus of a lot of these countries are also advanced. Given the fact that you get international exposure with an advanced medical syllabus, makes the possibility of studying abroad more practical.

Not only following medical syllabus in India compared to the medical education in the Philippines has captured the attention of the students in India, they have also started tracking popular destinations to do MBBS Abroad like trying out options by checking out Medical Education in Kyrgystan, Medical Education in Kazhaksthan, the Medical Education in Russia, and the Medical Education in Bangladesh. If you aspire to be an International Medical Student but you are worried about the cost of the Medical Education abroad, then it is suggested that you see the comparison of the fees between these countries. You may visit our blog that details the MBBS abroad admission fee here.

Please click on MBBS abroad fee compared to get an idea on the fee structures. This blog goes beyond just following the medical syllabus in India compared to the medical education in Philippines, it also helps in comparing the medical education abroad especially of all the above said countries too.

Of all the nations mentioned above, if you opt for the medical education in the Philippines to do MBBS in Philippines, there are a lot of possible colleges to choose from. However, choosing from the top 10 medical schools of Philippines and choosing from the Top 10 Medical universities of Philippines is a task that requires patience, diligence and research and you have to know the Benefits of pursuing medical education in Philippines for 2021-22.

Check the Wikipedia link here, to know the Top 10 Medical schools of Philippines.

After doing the back ground check and understanding the Benefits of studying MBBS in Philippines for 2021-22, if you are happy in choosing UV Gullas College of Medicine, we would be glad to be of service. The UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions office for International Medical students and Indian Students has opened up the UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions 2021-22.

Another huge benefit of pursuing Medical Education in Philippines for 2021-22 is the UV Gullas College of Medicine Fee structure by itself, which is moderate and affordable.

It may be considered as among the top 10 medical colleges of Philippines and is affiliated to one of the top 10 medical universities of Philippines – University of the Visayas which is 101 years old.

The University of Visayas has proved its mettle over time, to churn out stalwarts who have served the society well and beyond normal circumstances. UV Gullas College of Medicine Fees structure, has been created keeping in mind service to humanity and love for human mankind. Under the University of the Visayas, UV Gullas College of Medicine has being in existence for more than 4 decades, and has an impressive list of alumni for its calling. This is also another reason, when a student goes through the top 10 medical colleges in Philippines to do MBBS in Philippines, UV Gullas College of Medicine turns out to be one of the top 10 medical colleges of Philippines and has the UV Gullas College of Medicine top 10 medical colleges of Philippines ranking displayed in the Wikipedia.

In choosing to do MBBS in Philippines, you could check out the rest of the top Medical colleges in Philippines also while checking out the UV Gullas College of Medicine, listed in the blog the Best Philippines Medical Colleges.

UV Gullas College of Medicine offers a globally recognized M.D degree. The curriculum offered is US-based. UV Gullas College of Medicine has a strong community of International Medical students learning MBBS and the alumni runs into hundreds in number. M.D degree offered by UV Gullas College of Medicine is recognized globally by CHED, FAIMER, American Medical Association, WHO, GCM (General Council of Medicine – Britain/England/United Kingdom), American Medical Association, Medical Council of Thailand, Medical Council of California, Medical Council of Canada & MCI (Medical Council of India).

UV Gullas College of Medicine Fees Structure is been explained below :

First year MBBS fee stands at INR 6.75 lakhs. Second year MBBS will be INR 2.98 Lakhs per year and the third to fifth year MBBS fee at INR 2.7 Lakhs per year.

Total Course fee for pursuing Medical Education in Philippines for 5 years and completing the M.D. degree by taking up the UV Gullas College of Medicine admission is – INR 17,83,000

Visa and Flight charges (Including Insurance) – INR 1,50,000

Food and Accommodation (per month) – PHP 11,000

So when considering the Benefits of studying Medical Education in Philippines for 2021-22, UV Gullas College of Medicine could be a good option.

To do MBBS Abroad as in MBBS in Philippines, in UV Gullas College of Medicine, you may call UV Gullas College of Medicine admission office which is the official Indian admissions office, Chennai, for more information on UV Gullas admissions.

MBBS in Philippines Admissions 2021-22 have got opened. The MBBS in Philippines eligibility has been detailed for you below. And thus UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions 2021 are now open. For Indian Students who want to do MBBS abroad, especially in MBBS in Philippines and they choose to take the UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions; the MBBS students would have to appear for the NEET 2021 exam. They can send their 10th standard certificate with aadhar card (12th standard certificate- if they have), to the UV Gullas Admissions Staff, in the UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions Office, Chennai, based out of Vadapalani.

This is done to ensure that your certificates are verified to check whether you are eligible to meet the UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions Requirement. Once the eligibility is verified, follow the instructions of the UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions staff’s instructions carefully. Start your MBBS abroad journey by choosing to do MBBS in Philippines at UV Gullas College of Medicine, Philippines, and come back to India as a respected doctor. The UV Gullas College of Medicine has been positioned as one of the Top 10 Medical Colleges of Philippines to do medicine in Cebu. UV Gullas Direct Admissions office will guide you through the admission process and make everything easy for you.

UV Gullas College of Medicine Fees structure is one of the most affordable (Less than Rs.18 lakhs total for 5.5 years) especially when pursuing MBBS in Philippines.

Click here to view and download the complete UV Gullas College of Medicine Fees Structure.

Study a world-class M.D (Doctor of Medicine) degree which involves a lot of practical-based clinical training, at UV Gullas College of Medicine. UV Gullas College of Medicine is looking at creating MCI exam toppers for the MCI exam conducted in India. The MCI toppers from Philippines Medical colleges come under the same management as the UV Gullas College of Medicine. The Medical Syllabus in Philippines is generally the same across all colleges with tiny variations. The Medical Syllabus of Philippines can be checked in the UV Gullas Syllabus hyperlink.

The MBBS in Philippines fees is dependent on the Course duration and the division of the Medical Syllabus in Philippines, followed by the respective colleges. The Medical Syllabus of Philippines is divided into BS as a premedical course and the MD. Initially, a MBBS student aspiring to do MBBS abroad especially in MBBS in Philippines may have to choose between the various Philippines Medical Colleges. For that a thorough understanding of the MBBS in Philippines courses is required, and the process and the eligibility factors are important also. It is more or less the same as UV Gullas College of Medicine Admissions Eligibility. Hence, you may check the MBBS in Philippines Eligibility by checking either of the hyper link.

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